Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Tanner Glass Scrabble Challenge Lands on HNIC

In case you missed it, here's the Subway Bio from tonight's Hockey Night in Canada telecast, which focused on Tanner Glass and PITB's Scrabble challenge. Very cool.

If you're still in the dark about this whole thing, here's the summary: we issued an open challenge to play a game of Scrabble with Tanner Glass. One of our readers (the unsinkable Annie May) made a t-shirt. Glass saw the t-shirt; he accepted the challenge. Now it's news--big news at that. The way this story continues to spread baffles us each time we think about it.

Many, many thanks to the invaluable CanucksHD for providing us with this clip. You sir, are 1000 shades of grand.


  1. Hey, Harrison, I'm really happy for your national recognition. CONGRATS. You guys are great writers, and deserve it.

    I hope once you're done being giddy over being mentioned on national TV, you realize how positive a contribution to passittobulis is for the cities hockey\canuck culture. I look forward to seeing where you take it.

    p.s. wheres the IWTG? toronto was kind enough to have the game a whole 3 hours EARLY to give you the time to write it.

  2. Hey Wisp, the IWTG is coming early tomorrow morning. Instead of writing it, I spent the evening with my wife, doing things that married people do, like walking around the dirty Maple Ridge mall, eating tiny Christmas oranges, and watching movies on AMC that we PVR'd. Daniel had a soccer game.

    As far as the other thing goes, we definitely have some big plans for this blog. We've talked about doing some cool stuff.

    It's still amazing to me that people actually give a crap what we're doing here, but we're definitely encouraged. Now the pipe dream is to eventually find a way to make a living doing this, and do it with even more commitment.

  3. "Local Bloggers Pass it to Byoooolis"

  4. So you guys finally have a YouTube account, and "we definitely have some big plans for this blog. We've talked about doing some cool stuff."...

    So should we be expecting more video clips? PITB reactions, yelling at the TV from the couch? Analyzing each frame for more mustached fans in the crowd? Compiling every bad Bieksa pinch?

    Always looking forward to whatever new things you guys always come up with next.

  5. "Now the pipe dream is to eventually find a way to make a living doing this, and do it with even more commitment."

    I'm rooting for you! our subjects and mediums aren't even remotely the same, but I understand and sympathize with the struggle all too well...

  6. @Jason

    Ha ha, it was a bit of a mispronunciation. For a second, I thought he was going to say Pass it to Bueller.

  7. Congratulations guys I can't wait to see where your blog is heading

  8. Awesome work guys! Hope you get inappropriately oversized egos and inflated ideas of your own self-importance. As an longtime reader from way, way back in the spring of 2010 I, myself feel vicariously validated.

    Keep it real, keep it Bulis and as always GO CANUCKS GO!

    Brian O'Brien (AKA Felix LaPoubelle)

  9. Harrison is definitely getting the oversized ego; he's insisting on the brand name ramen now. I, on the other hand, am mostly humbled. Of all the things I thought might get the blog attention, scrabble was not one of them. I think it just goes to show how much hockey fans latch on to anything that gets closer to the hockey players they love, anything that makes them feel like they know the players just a little bit better.


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