Saturday, October 23, 2010

Your Eyes Deserve Better: The Fruit of our Daniel Sedin Photoshop Contest

It is entirely possible that you recognize the above image from just over a month ago. It's also possible that you've only been reading this blog since the season started, and this is the first time you've seen it. If the latter is the case, let me give you some context: I love photoshop contests. And, while PITB doesn't quite have the readership to host them, I've never been one to let reality get in the way of my delusions.

Our first photoshop contest, focused around an image we call HenKik, was a rousing failure (although it generated this incredible image by CDC member Egatti, which has no business not being your wallpaper). Our second photoshop contest focuses on the above image of Daniel Sedin getting laid out by Ryan Getzlaf. It looks funny to me but, more than that, it also looks like an opportunity for photoshops.

So I asked for photoshops. Incredibly, I got a few. Behold the fruit of our second photoshop contest.

This comes to us from Rachael, who was kind enough to create an image that perfectly segues from our last photoshop contest to this one. Of note: this was done on MS Paint. How can I tell? Because it looks terrible. Thanks, Rachael!

This image, from reader Jason, continues the Street Fighter theme, but also excellently inverts the action from the original photo. Rather than getting rocked, Daniel is asserting himself. He's taken Ryan Getzlaf down, and he appears to be Prongering his neck. I would imagine that's a finishing move. Also of note: this too is an MS Paint production.

This unfortunate image comes to us from CDC member Canuckletux, who made two big-time contributions to the contest. First, he cut the image out to save future photoshoppers time. (It's here, if you still want in on this party.) Second, he went straight to scatological humour, forcing everyone else to be much more creative. Double gratitude is yours, Canuckletux.

Here we have a typically stellar contribution from Egatti, the winner of the last contest. My favourite thing about this photo is that Daniel Sedin is right in the middle of a jump-skid, and that's reflected both in the top image and the area map below. Also: if Luigi doesn't watch it, he's about to enter a world of banana peel.

This image comes to us from user Rogue Nuck, who admits, "this is a terrible shot at it." Don't be so hard on yourself, Rogue Nuck. Now I've got nothing to say. Thank God there's photographic evidence, because Daniel is going to have a hard time explaining to the authorities how he was thrown over a castle balcony by a giant trophy with no appendages.

This one is from reader Harrison, who is exactly like me, in every way, except much better-looking. He actually made four entries. Check out the rest of his objectively perfect photoshopping below. Sidenote: remember Balloon Fight? It had awesome music.

Earlier I took a shot at Canuckletux for going with the "things coming out of Daniel's butt" joke. Part of that was propriety. The other part was pure hypocrisy.

Here is Daniel taming Black stallion. How did he do it? Well, instead of spurs, he's just got giant knives attached to his feet. That'll work.

And finally, in keeping with the spirit of the original photo, which looks a lot like Daniel's taking a punch, I added him to the cover of the best NES street fighting game not named Street Fighter, Urban Champion. And by best, I mean worst. This game was pure crap.


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOL these are good!

  2. Best one is mario kart and daniel crapping out chicago