Monday, May 03, 2010

Vancouver vs. Chicago: Playoff Fan Art, Volume 2

Let's catch you up, in case you've never been here before. A few days back, I tried to start a Henrik Sedin photoshop contest over at It didn't work, but it did manage to combine with another series of photoshop requests forum members had, and eventually turned into a big photoshop party, primarily led by excellent photoshopper and forum member egatti. His work is above, and it's the best HenKik we've seen yet. He's also the creator of a ton of images below. As with last time, click on the images for larger versions. I think this one's big enough to be a wallpaper. Let's have a look at some other stuff the CDC forum has provided us.

This one's egatti again, and is the best of a series of twin-related images. My only quibble: I refuse to give a thumbs-up to any image which could depict a paler Canuck than Sami "The Friendly Ghost" Salo. It's just not believable.

Also egatti. He's good at what he does. I especially like the "H/D Sedin touch, as well as the fact that they're wearing number 32. But let's not kid ourselves. Daniel is, for some odd reason, always the other brother. If they were indeed one person, they'd probably be known primarily as Henrik.

This is an unnecessary photoshop by MAKAVELI96. This photo will be real in about three months anyway.

This one simply settles up an issue I had originally with the photoshop job on HenKik: the greenness of Dustin Byfuglien's head. It's a simple enough fix, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that egatti got around to it.

Here's another egatti original, and I think it might be the best use of the SpearBuff image. If I'm not mistaken, the rat body is originally that of Emile from Ratatouille. Love the look on Salo's face.

Returning to the infantile "Blackhawks are gay" motif, which is all over the forum (should we be surprised? what do you think is the average age of the posters?), here's the Village People image, brought to its logical conclusion. *sigh* Let's move on. Its by posttraumatic, by the way.

This is a much better Blackhawks joke. Granted, Patrick "20 Cent" Kane jokes are getting a wee bit tiresome, but as of yet, they're not so old that I can't handle a decent photoshop like this one. I especially like the title. This one's by canuckletux.

Another egatti original, and I love it. It's fabulous. First of all, it takes about two looks to realize what's going on. Second, "Blue Steel" is about as good a nickname for Ryan Kesler as you're going to find. But let's hope that looking good with feathered hair is all these two guys have in common, because Kes is going to have to turn left a lot tonight.

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