Friday, May 07, 2010

Guaranteed Win Night?

Well, it's nice to know that, now that the Blackhawks have had their fun, the NHL head office has remembered the rules again. Turns out they easily determined that the Chicago's 5th goal shouldn't have counted. Good on you, boys. Refer to my other post about ignorant reffing, please.

In case you missed it yesterday, the sky fell. I sent the entire afternoon deadling with waves upon waves of idiots telling me the Canucks suck. Period. Listen, Canucks fans, I've been trying to stand up for you for quite some time now, but you're not helping. So the Canucks are down 2-1. They were down 2-1 in their last series. Teams are down 2-1 all the time and go on to win. And even if they don't, has this season been a write-off? No. It's been a good season, so quit telling me the Canucks suck just because they lost one game.

Plus, they're going to win tonight. Here is why:

Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows have another gear. They'll hit it tonight. This is the main reason, actually. The Canucks were suckered into a chippy, cheap, net-crashing, antagonizing, pesky sort of game, and they were somewhat surprised by it. But, before Kesler and Burrows became top-six wingers in this league, they perfected this. Methinks that, after the game, this part of their brains, which had been shut off due to their increased roles, was finally awoken from dormancy. If there's one thing the Canucks have always been good at, it's being complete dicks. Last game the Blackhawks outdicked them. No more, sir. Frick and Frack are back tonight.

A lot of the Canucks play better when they're angry, Kevin Bieksa chief among them. I think we'll see an angrier, but more measured Canucks team tonight.

Also, it's guaranteed win night. Okay, maybe it's more faith than science, but relax, Canucks fans. When we win tonight, the series is tied, and somebody's going to have to reset the sky.

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