Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sami Salo Leaves Game With a Ruptured Testicle

Hang in there, big guy. No pun intended.

Update: maybe he didn't after all? Considering how crazy the Internet has gone in the last four hours (Twitter feeds! Facebook pages! Youtube parodies! Puck Daddy mentions!), part of me kind of hopes that this all went down as initially reported. The sensationalist side of me. The other part of me (my nuts, y'all) just wants Salo's testicle to be okay.

More postgame coverage to come on the Canucks' win tonight, including our I Watched This Game, but I just wanted to pause and have a moment of silence for Sami Salo, who left the game at the end of the first-period after being hti with a Duncan Keith shot in the midsection. After some speculation (broken rib? collapsed organ?), TSN spilled the beans, so to speak, by letting everyone know that Sami Salo had a ruptured testicle.

The first Google return is from Kids Health. What the Hell? Anyway, here's what they had to say:

Testicular rupture [...] is a rare type of testicular trauma. This can happen when the testicle receives a forceful direct blow or when the testicle is crushed against the pubic bone (the bone that forms the front of the pelvis), causing blood to leak into the scrotum. Testicular rupture, like testicular torsion and other serious injuries to the testicles, causes extreme pain, swelling in the scrotum, nausea, and vomiting. To fix the problem, surgery is necessary to repair the ruptured testicle.
Whaaaaaaat? That sounds horrible. Now unless this has happened before, which I doubt, I do believe it's his 39th unique career injury. And it is undoubtedly the worst. Let us take a moment to mourn the loss of Sami Salo's testicle, and pray for the doctors who will try to save his nethers.


  1. Feel free to like the ruptured testicle on facebook!

  2. A goalie on the St. Louis Blues had this occur in practice due to an Al MacInnis slap shot. Shattered the cup and ruptured a testicle. And you wonder why people didn't line up to block shots from Chopper.

  3. They'll have to remove it too, risk of cancer following teste rupture is quite high

  4. Not even superheroes are invincible down there...

  5. I guess know that he got neutered by Dr. Duncan Keith he may have hormonal changes

  6. Lets all hope he recovers quickly. OUCH!

  7. Yeah, Skeeter, I think your superhero theory just went kaboom along with the testicle. This is one injury he definitely didn't fake.

  8. Thats bad and all, but not as tough as Buck

    "If ever there was one moment when Buck embedded his name forever into rugby's rich history, it was during the infamous “Battle of Nantes” in 1986.

    Playing the second Test against a physically intimidating French side, Shelford found himself at the bottom of a rather aggressive ruck on 20 minutes. An errant Les Bleus stud found its way to his groin, where it somehow managed to tear his scrotum, leaving one testicle hanging out.

    This alone would leave most men screaming in agony and heading for the nearest hospital. But not Shelford. He calmly instructed the physio to stitch him up. The French public were gobsmacked as an over-eager pitchside cameraman filmed the stomach-turning surgery, and even more so when Shelford returned to the field and carried on playing...

    "I was knocked out cold, lost a few teeth and had a few stitches down below," Shelford later recalled. "It's a game I still can't remember... I don't really want to, either."

  9. I wonder if he'll be less agressive now that he is down 1....

  10. AW! I remember that, Mr. Anonymous of 12:54 AM of May 10, 2010! I've read Wayne Shelford's wiki entry a long time ago, and I felt the goosebumps when I got to the part that one of his testicles got hit badly and his teeth falling off in the process. That has got to be a hard hit. Makes me remember the time when I was watching rugby games on cable TV back when I was still living in West Columbia. The game's all about hard hits, hard falls, collisions and stuff. But I've never heard of a ruptured testicle AND falling teeth at the same time. I hope that he got to a good dental facility for his teeth, and I hope that his "family jewels" are okay now.


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