Monday, May 10, 2010

History Will Be Made, Like That Time Kevin Bieksa Scored That Big Goal

For all you Eastern bias people, here's an NHL commercial featuring Kevin Bieksa as the hero. It's pretty cool, just like it was cool to see Bieksa play a dominant game last night, like he used to before he nearly cut a leg off two seasons in a row. In case you are some sort of half-hearted Luddite, and you can't be bothered to watch the video from beginning to end, the caption reads, "What if Bieksa stayed at home?" Not bad, not bad, although it seems unclear to me whether they meant played more defensively or, more literally, stayed at his house. I guess either way history wouldn't have been made. Other captions that might also have been appropriate:

  • What if Bieksa had never one-punched Fedor?
  • What if Wellwood didn't need so much help staying in shape?
  • What if the Canucks had signed Bouwmeester and traded Bieksa like everyone wanted last offseason?

But I like the one they went with.

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