Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Quick Hits (From Behind)

Quick Hits (From Behind) is a semi-regular feature on Pass it To Bulis, wherein two hockey fans chip in their thoughts on current hockey news and get assessed a five-minute major and a game misconduct.
Wait, that should read "sexual."

Interesting read from Russell Smith of the Globe and Mail that turns the newfound obsession with the Green Men and their ilk into an article on fetishism, public exhibitionism, and social mores. I pointed out the oddity of the "green girl" on HNIC being on the receiving end of a sexual comment while the males have not a little while back, but Russell Smith has pulled the sexuality right out into the open.
You know what happens when you assume things, Tony? Assumptions. Huzzah for more pointless speculation from Tony "Debbie Downer" Gallagher.
I should hope so. But keep it between the whistles; don't respond to the garbage after the whistle, the stuff that's just meant to rile you up. But lay out some hits, get mean in front of the net, and battle hard along the boards. Both SOB and Kevin Bieksa need to step up their physical game. Bieksa is at his best when he's pissed off: hopefully the Monday night loss will be enough to get him angry.
Vancouver 24 Hours is getting some attention for their amusing front page news encouraging Vancouver residents to tip their cabbies in dimes so they'll have the correct amount in change if Patrick Kane happens along. Adam Johns calls it "outdated and unnecessary," but if that's the case, so are references to Luongo's tears and Wellwood's weight, and you don't see those stopping any time soon.
Spot on blog post from Jonathan Willis at Hockey or Die. Quite frankly, Hockey Night in Canada coverage has been slipping for years. The fact that Mike Milbury still has a job in hockey is baffling to me. The fact is, CBC lacks legitimate hockey analysts, ones that can break down a play in an informative, yet entertaining way. Hardcore hockey fans will not learn anything new from the between-period segments: Harrison and I would frequently just fast forward through them when watching a game on PVR until we started watching them more often for the blog. Things haven't changed.

Hrudey occasionally has something interesting to say, but his dalliances with the CNN-style video screen are more distracting than anything else. The iDesk is a poorly conceived attempt to incorporate new media, more frequently leading to the pointless e-mail quoting that led to Don Cherry's mini-rant. PJ Stock is sometimes entertaining, sometimes grating, but he's not being paid to be an analyst. Mike Milbury, the worst GM the NHL has ever seen, is. Hockey Night in Canada is CBC's flagship program, their big draw on Saturdays, and it doesn't reflect that fact.

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