Monday, May 03, 2010

Kyle Wellwood is Jealous of Those Abs

From the
Kurtenblog. I know some people will say he's havin' a peek, as it were, but in truth, that's the same look I get while watching episodes of Say Yes to the Dress with my wife. It's bemusement. Frankly, I think Welly is more concerned with what sort of bronzer they're using. God knows he could use some. Even Sami Salo thinks he's pale. But seriously, folks, he's not interested. I've seen him give more ravenous looks to plates of spaghetti. Plus, I've heard he only dates lifeguards.


  1. That is some good looking spaghetti.

    But I don't know if that's bemusement. That's weariness combined with ennui. He's getting lapped during his morning jog by two ice girls. As a professional athlete, he seems more embarrassed than anything.

  2. Ennui is a good word to describe Kyle Wellwood's disposition. He always seems a little disinterested with life. I wonder, sometimes, if he's the first professional athlete constantly in the midst of an existential crisis.

    Or perhaps, as a Randian functionalist, he recognizes that, as an athlete, he becomes less and less societally valuable as his body ages? Don't beat yourself up, Kyle Wellwood. It just expedites your diminishing function.

  3. If he was a proper Randian, he would be far more assertive, actualizing his rational self-interest by being more successful at hockey, thus increasing his financial gains.

    Or, perhaps, recognizing the moral injustice of taxation or any other force that removes his property from him, he chooses only to play to the best of his ability during the playoffs, when he receives no financial compensation, thus effectively going on strike during the regular season, akin to the heroes of Rand's epic "Atlas Shrugged."

  4. Considering how much better he plays in the playoffs than the regular season, I'd say that you're correct.

  5. Umm, seriously...where do Americans grow women that look like that? [& no I'm not some creepy blogger]


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