Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tanner Glass Responds to Our Scrabble Challenge

In case you're new to PITB, let us catch you up to speed. Some time ago, I heard a Tanner Glass interview on the Team 1040 and learned that he loves him some Scrabble. A massive Scrabble fan myself, I couldn't help but issue an open challenge to the Canucks winger.

Some time after that, PITB was blessed with the incredible t-shirt design by an artistically gifted Bulie named Annie. And boy, is she gifted. Check out her Tanner Glass villanelle in the comments of this post. The shirt got our challenge noticed, and was featured at Fort Nucks. We got word from a few sources that Tanner loved it, wanted one, and might actually accept the challenge.

We just got word today this is indeed the case from Tanner himself. He discusses the challenge in his latest blog.

Life on the road is as crazy as it sounds – moving from city to city every couple of days - but there are a few good things about it.

For one, we go to a lot of cities with great shopping, which can be really helpful around the holidays.

And two, I have a pretty intense Scrabble battle every road trip with Aaron Rome. We’re not the best, but our series is pretty even. I’ve been practicing so we’ll see what happens next trip.

Apparently the word is out that I’m a Scrabble fan and I’ve actually had a few challengers. As of right now, I don’t have the time to take anyone up on their challenges, but after the new year, I’ll probably play a game with passittobulis, one of the bloggers that has taken it as far as to make shirts that are pretty sweet. Maybe we can sell some of those shirts and donate the proceeds to Canuck Place Hospice.

That is awesome. Thank you, Tanner, for getting back to us. We totally understand that the holidays are much too busy a season for sit-down word games with bloggers. So the new year it is. We look forward to a Scrabble battle so intense you'll think you're on the team plane.

As for the rest of you, you heard it here first. Tanner Glass has accepted our Scrabble challenge. We are pumped. We thoroughly appreciate everyone who helped us get word to him, and we'll keep everyone posted as we work out the details. We're talking to screen printers about getting the shirts ready for sale, and we will definitely be donating a portion of the proceeds to Canuck Place. This should be fun.

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  1. If there's donations involved, I will buy a shirt. :)

  2. Glass and Hass (moi!) love Scrabble!

    I just confirmed I'll be doing a radio interview in Penticton - where Tanner played for the Panthers (2001-03). It's December 16th at 9:00 am on "The Hockey Show" on 100.7 Giant FM.

    I am up for a Scrabble challenge any time on Facebook too. My record is 55-36 with a high score of 411.


    Ralph Hass
    - Heard weekly on the "Thurman Thomas TV Show" for the Buffalo Bills
    - MSG-TV imaging voice for the NHL's Buffalo Sabres (2006 - 2009)
    - SHAW-TV imaging voice for the WHL

  3. Shiza Minnelli! That's awesome, guys!

  4. Nice job guys. Now don't lose.

  5. There is an asterisk next to that game. There were tiles missing!

  6. I say you hold a tournament to decide who will be the fourth player. Unless, of course, Aaron Rome is game.

  7. That would be sweet if Aaron Rome was game.

  8. I would like to issue a warning to Mr. Glass; This guys is good, he taught me everything I know. So look out!

  9. Hey congrats guys on getting the challenge accepted. It should be a blast! But you do realize that you are now required to 'walk your talk' and not get blown out too badly!
    Have fun with it, and keep us posted!!

  10. Enjoy this while you can... As the shirt says, Tanner Glass is the scrabble champ. I can see it already, PITB throws down 'Pi' thinking they're so clever and Mr. Glass responds with a 'jukebox' triple word score, and silence falls on the blogosphere...

  11. You know, jukebox is one of those seven-letter words I've always dreamed of playing and never played. I once spelled "zygotic" and sort of considered it the royal flush of bingos, but jukebox would be something else...

  12. I'm not much of a gambling man, but I'd parlay with our resident blogger here. I think Glass has got his work cut out for him.


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