Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tanner Glass Had Fun, Hints at Rematch in His Blog

By now, you've certainly heard more than enough about the Inaugural Canucks Scrabble Battle. If you recall: a couple weeks back, Tanner Glass and PITB came together for an epic charity Scrabble contest. It was great. The most important thing, of course, is that the event raised $9000 for Canuck Place. The second most important thing? I totally won.

Until yesterday, almost everyone had weighed in on the event, save mulleted runner-up, Tanner Glass. However, Glass finally broke the silence this afternoon, writing about the whole ordeal for his blog at Let's us take us a look at what he said (and mince words):

The Scrabble Challenge was a huge success and I have to say it was such a great time. I could easily be convinced to play again next year. It was so much fun playing with the help of Jaxson, John, and Kayden from Canuck Place. They were great teammates and they definitely helped me out.

Great time indeed. "I could be easily convinced," he says. Sounds more like "I am clamoring." This is rematch talk, you guys.

I'm not surprised, mind you. I'm the Alex Burrows of Scrabble; I necessitate retaliation. Obviously, next time there will have to be a couple changes: 1) If Tanner gets genius kids in his corner (MENSWEAR, seriously?), I want a genius kid too. Heck, I want the kid from Smart Guy.

In all seriousness, we'll definitely have to do it again, if for no other reason than to unretire the Tanner Glass: Scrabble Champ t-shirts, which sold out so fast it seems like nobody got one. You know a shirt goes quickly when the guy whose likeness graces the front can't get one for his fiancee in her size. That's nuts. Here's Tanner, on the shirts:

We raised nearly $9,000 through donations and T-shirt sales. The t-shirts went pretty quickly and by the time I got in there to buy some, they were sold out of most sizes. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't order more t-shirts for the event and that they aren't selling them anymore. I definitely think we would have raised more money.

We agree wholeheartedly. It's a shame the Canucks didn't print more shirts, but we understand why they didn't. Nobody (save our dedicated readers) could have predicted the shirts would sell out so quickly.

On one hand, it was unfortunate, as a lot of people didn't get shirts, but on the other hand, it's probably a good thing. Better the shirts went immediately than that they didn't go at all. Plus, now the Canucks know that, the next time they partner up with PITB, they need to make a larger order. The shirts will be back.

The guys at Passittobulis were awesome sports. It was quite a competitive game and I must admit I was a little nervous before the game started, especially with everyone crowded around my letters and judging my every move! The mood lightened as the game went on, and it turned out to be a fun-filled special event. And if Harrison hadn't received the best draw of letters in the history of scrabble, I think the game would have ended up differently.

I was nervous too, and I--whoa, hold on a second. Is that trash talk? I think it is.

Let us be clear: I did not receive the best draw in the history of Scrabble. Top ten? Perhaps. The definitive best? There's simply no way of knowing. Scrabble historians are few and far between. But like it would have mattered. I was lucky, but people say you've got to be good to be lucky. Good equals lucky. It stands to reason, then, that: luckiest ever = best ever. Hence, I am the best ever.

And I'm more than willing to back up that fuzzy logic. Consider Tanner's tacit request for a rematch accepted. (#RescrabbleMeTanner).

Not until next season, though. There are more pressing things at hand. But, once the season ends, Skeeter and I will be speaking to about our plans for a second Scrabble battle, which (at least in our heads) includes a bit more fanfare, a lot more money for Canuck Place, a few more competitors, and a lot more Scrabble. Possible glitch? Our friend Tanner's a free agent. If he's not back, we're gonna lose it.

Be sure to read the rest of Tanner Glass's blog, wherein you will learn that Raffi Torres is good at golf. Of course he is. Considering the teams he's been on, he's had a lot of practice.


  1. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the re-signing of Tanner Glass, to have the possibility of a #RescrabbleMeTanner
    That was so much fun, thank you again to everybody involved in that one!

  2. Someone needs to tweet @GMMIKEGILLIS to re sign Tanner, no matter the cost!

  3. Glasser can't be gone.

  4. Glass has been a staple of the 4th line. I'd say it's likely he comes back, if he wants to.

  5. it raised OVER $9000?!

    Sorry, it had to be done.

  6. Still upset we couldn't get a Tanner Glass scrabble champ shirt out here in Alburrrrrda before he was overthrown.

  7. I got my sister (who works as a nurse at Canuck Place, no less) to pick up one of the shirts for me. It's currently en route to me here in Ottawa. I'll be a hockey hipster with that thing on - no one will have heard of it.

  8. Chances of getting a Tanner lass Scrabble Champ T-Shirt over here in England still minimal, I shall have to makedo with my Tanner Glass shrine and long range satellite photographs of him showering :(

  9. @James W It's awesome wearing the shirt to games. We got down to the glass for warmups, and Tanner saw us, and gave a sweet, knowing grin. Then he looked again, realized it was us, and gave a second knowing grin. Then he tapped Daniel Sedin on the shoulder, pointed us out, and Daniel shrugged. It was liquid greatness.

  10. I think Daniel Sedin was just acting indifferent because he, like Jannik Hansen, was a little miffed that Tanner Glass got the call to challenge instead of either of them.

    It was totally the "I'm jealous, but don't want you to know it" shrug.


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