Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Spectacular 1st Annual PiTB Free Agency Day Meta-LiveBlog Spectacular!

It has officially come to this. Birthed from the twin brains of Skeeter and Harrison, two guys with a knack for the written word and an unhealthy obsession with the Vancouver Canucks, Pass it to Bulis! was born. But it wasn't simply enough to write about the Canucks. Essaying is so far removed from the pulse of drama-heavy days such as free agency. It has to be a live blog. It has to. Don't try to change our minds. We can't be tamed.

But what sets our LiveBlog apart from all the others you could read today? Well, first, nobody's reading this one. So there's that. But here's the real prize: this is a Meta-LiveBlog. What does that mean? Well, it means we're not actually LiveBlogging free agency. We're actually LiveBlogging ourselves, watching TSN's Free Agent Frenzy. Sure, we'll report the news, but you can find that anywhere. Don't worry, you won't miss any news (unless the Canucks Message Boards' Trades & Rumours subforum crashes for the afternoon, which it always does). What you'll get here are updates about when Pierre McGuire stands too close to Darren Dutchyshen; when Duthie cuts away to a panel that has nothing to say, and isn't aware they're on; when Darren Dreger tweets the news, live on television, from his blackberry, without telling us until he's done. You'll also hear our immediate reactions to Canucks moves and non-moves; when Skeeter and I are hungry; when our wives begin asking us to stop this nonsense.

Bookmark this page. Refresh it often. Join the conversation. Argue with us--we're dumb and stubborn. The newest updates will appear at the top. The LiveBlog begins at 8:45am.

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