Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ryan Kesler & Jack Johnson are Bad at Acting

Okay, so this is a Canucks blog, and we are forced--yes, honour-bound--to give you every promotional video the Canucks and their players are a part of. This is, of course, excepting that horrible Ryan Walter video he did for Moore's, and that's only because he got fired last week.

Ryan Kesler and Jack Johnson are apparently cruising the country in an RV, promoting NHL 2k11, which doesn't look terrible. However, their ads--apparently intended to go viral--are terrible. Kesler's as wooden as Kyle Wellwood's tiny one-piece hockey stick and Jack Johnson isn't much better. There is one good moment:

Jack Johnson: You signed your own jersey?


Apart from that, though, this is a bad video. It's not funny and I hated watching it. Enjoy!


  1. Man, first they're hanging out together in a bedroom (, now Johnson's walking in on Kesler in the shower?

  2. Also, the song that Kesler's singing in the shower disturbs me greatly. Why exactly is he "walking in a Johnson wonderland," pray tell? Once again, that sounds like a questionable activity.


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