Monday, August 16, 2010

Amazing Fan Video: What Doesn't Kill Us

This is "What Doesn't Kill Us", a Canucks season preview video, and I should say up front that, normally, I don't bother with these things. They make for a good watch if you've got five minutes to waste, but they're also all pretty similar. That said, I just really like this one. It's kind of intense, it's kind of epic, it's kind of totally in high-definition. It shows me all the best plays from last season (one of the Canucks' best seasons, if you ask me, playoff collapse aside). This video is by Canuck fan Jonathan Kasper, who goes by the handle EvoLu7ion (note: sevens are not tees) and put it together with clips from the best Youtuber/Canucks fan in the world, CanucksHD. It covers all the necessary ground, it gets me pumped, and it makes me kind of pissed that it's still mid-August, the worst month of the year. So here it is.

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