Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Conflation of Nerdity: The Best of #NHLStarWars

I suffer from a myriad of interests; growing up, I was both a nerd and a jock, obsessively reading comic books, scientifiction, and fantasy, while also playing soccer and baseball and obsessively following hockey. I adored the original Star Wars trilogy, actually wearing out my VHS copies through repeated watching. I equally adored the Vancouver Canucks, actually wearing the infamous "Flying V" jersey to elementary school during the 1994 playoff run.

On Tuesday, these two worlds collided, thanks to @whatnojagr and his #NHLStarWars hashtag. The meme really took off when Greg Wyshynski got ahold of it and brought the eyes of the masses (of his followers) to the table. Harrison and I are no strangers to NHL hashtags, contributing to the wonderful #NHLCupcakes and attempting to start a few of our own. Unfortunately, #ForthepriceofDerekBoogaard and #ImissKyleWellwood just don't have the same traction.

Here are a few of our favorite #NHLStarWars tweets, including a few of our own, because we are awesome. #shamefulselfpromotion

Bam! Short jokes! Also, just like R2D2, Gionta will require an interpreter for the French-speaking fans to understand him.

Mostly I just love the animated gif for this one, which has been around for a while. Hopefully Hips won't do the same to Luongo this year...

Best part about this one is that she was already too late.

She nails it with this one. "Leave Phoenix? In our moment of triumph?"

There was an odd attempt to cast Sean Avery as Han Solo. Ugh, no thanks. He's certainly a scruffy nerf-herder, but there's no way he gets the plum position as anti-hero-for-the-ages. ACMESalesRep gets it right with the Jar-Jar Binks comparison.

He wasn't the first to make the joke, but he was the first to make it well. Though really, wouldn't Admiral Ackbar be every team playing against Jacques Lemaire?

The addition of the #TooEasy hashtag lifts this one above the other Scott Hartnell as Chewbacca references.

Despite her earlier assertion regarding the creativity of Wellwood fat jokes, @thetinnishflash goes for the old, yet hilarious, Crosby-is-a-whiner joke. #hypocrisy?

Harrison steps to the plate with the first PitB entry and nails it. Nothing more to add.

Indeed. It's tempting to jump in here with a rant about how disappointed I was that the Clone Wars simply featured one side of the war using an army made of clones rather than a revolution of clones fighting for clone rights, but that would get a little too nerdy and I'm still trying to wipe the memories of the prequels from my mind.

A typical "Montreal Canadiens are short" joke vastly improved by the addition of Chewbacca. Just like the actual Ewoks.

@Disastromatic Pierre McGuire = C-3P0
@Disastromatic jumped in with this gem then followed it up with a series of killer puns, the best of which was...

@Disastromatic Mon Cammalleri
This joke is just too perfect. Seriously.

I arrived late to the party, but I still think this is hilarious.

Harsh. Also, humourous.

Apparently @hawknut is in the business of being funny and business is booming (I am clearly not in that business). Also, I don't know what he's talking about as I don't remember either of those things happening.

As Professor Farnsworth might say, "Oh my, yes." For those needing reminding, Stefan should be embarrassed for what he just did.

Finally, just 15 minutes ago, I made this hilarious joke. If you don't likewise think it's hilarious, then you have no sense of humour and you should be ashamed of yourself.


  1. Thank God I don't get all of these. Just most. The ones I do get make me laugh like Jason Spezza.

  2. Massively late to the party, but I just had to pipe up and give you props on the clone revolution issue. From another geek/jock failure of the pigeon-hole phenomenon.

  3. I humbly accept the props bestowed. Glad to know I'm not alone.

  4. The Phil Kessel run joke wins by a county parsec.

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