Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Every Goal Jannik Hansen Scored Last Season

Welcome back to the Every Goal series, which will wind down this week by covering the lesser Canuck forwards before wrapping up with our big grand finale this weekend with Alexandre Burrows, Canucks' goal-scoring champion. For today, it's Jannik Hansen.

It's hard to believe Jannik Hansen has been with the Canucks since the 06-07 playoff season, when he found himself an unlikely call-up during Vancouver's seemingly goalless seven-game series win over the Dallas Stars. Hansen showed surprising skill and wheels during that playoff stint, but, despite his palpable abilities, wound up more famous for
The Hit For Which Luongo Could Not Stand than anything else. The problem? Hansen has never gotten past that hurdle. He still shows enough skill to be, at best, a second-liner in the NHL, especially in the preseason, where he always brings it, hard. He's been one of the best September forwards three years in a row, but he can never seem to hold down a regular season slot. Why? He's dogged by inconsistency. Hansen typically works his way up to the second-line, disappears, and gets demoted back to the press box. From there, he'll work his way back up through the lines again, before falling back into his cycle. Only time will tell if this is the year he puts it all together, but chances are we'll definitely think it is by the end of the preseason. Here are all 9 of his goals from last season.

1. Nov. 14 vs. the Colorado Avalanche
In all honesty, I'm not a huge fan of any one of the three Canuck forwards in on this play or the fact they were on the ice together, but Johnson, Glass and Hansen work incredibly well here. Johnson makes a nice pass, Glass shows his typical brand of tenacity without much skill, and Hansen does well to pick up this rebound, drag it across the crease and score the goal.

2. Nov. 29 vs. the San Jose Sharks
If you're wondering why nobody seems to much care that this goal is scored, check out how much time is left. It's a moot point, although it's a nice goal. Wellwood's pass gets through to Hansen, who does well who get a stick on it at all, let alone tip it.

3. Dec. 2 vs. the New Jersey Devils
This is Hansen's third skilful goal in a row, as he does well to take this Bieksa saucer pass cleanly. A lesser player, say, anyone else in the Canucks' bottom six, would likely have seen it jump over their stick. Instead, Hansen scores.

4. Dec. 5 vs. the Carolina Hurricanes
If you're wondering why Manny Legace can't keep a job, it's this right here. This is not a strong wrist shot, but somehow, it's gets through the veteran netminder. Joni Pitkanen's got egg on his face too, as that was a lazy giveaway.

5. Jan. 16 vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins
One thing I've noticed over the years is that Hansen tends to play well with the Sedins (but, like every other assignment, he only does it well for a little while, so don't get too excited). Here's an example of his ability to read them, as he goes to the net with his stick on the ice to tip this pass from Henrik home.

6. Feb. 11 vs. the Florida Panthers
This goal comes from a great burst of speed followed by a great shot, but I'd also like to give credit to Tanner Glass, who does well to jump into the play, give Hansen the passing option, and hold up Bryan McCabe by getting in front of him with body position.

7. Mar. 7 vs. the Nashville Predators
Hansen's first of two game-winners in a row. Wellwood spots Hansen streaking in alone and Hansen makes no mistake, except for failing to score on his first shot. Rinne thinks he's got it, but it trickles out. Hansen, who must have been taken lessons from the Sedins, has smartly come to a stop near the net rather than coasting past it, and the rebound finds him there.

8. Mar. 9 vs. the Colorado Avalanche
This game-winner isn't nearly as cut-and-dry as the last one, but it counts nonetheless. Hansen gets in behind everybody, including Craig Anderson, and the puck bounces off of his body and in. It's kind of ridiculous. You don't get to see it in this play, but Wellwood makes a nice pass to the point to set up the Aaron Rome point shot.

9. Apr. 2 vs. the Anaheim Ducks
Hansen's last goal of the season comes on a huge rebound off a Christian Ehrhoff point shot. You want another theme of these clips? Rebounds off Ehrhoff shots. His shot is low, it's accurate, and it gets through with some regularity. He needs to keep doing that. Hansen is on this puck in a hurry.

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