Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bulis Update!

As much as we love Jan Bulis here at PiTB!, I admit that I haven't kept up with his career post-Canucks. Turns out he's doing quite well for himself over in the KHL for Atlant Moscow Oblast. Sparked by this post over at Hockey or Die, which informed me that Bulis played on the top line for the top-5 hockey team, I looked into Jan's stats over at the Atlant Moscow Oblast website.

Last season, Bulis scored 43 points in 38 games, good enough to land him at 17 on the list of top scorers in the KHL. He also grew out his hair from the odd cueball look he sported in the NHL. He now looks significantly less weird.

Applying the same equivalency numbers Jonathan Willis used for Zherdev, Jan's season translates to these NHL numbers over an 82 game season:

82GP - 30G - 22A - 52PTS

While I sincerely doubt anyone in the NHL is paying attention to Jan Bulis right now and I equally doubt he's interested in going from a top line in the KHL to spot-second-line duty in the NHL, an equivalent 30 goal season is quite nice for the former piggybacking star.

Well done, Bulis, well done. We here at PiTB! wish you all the best in your upcoming season.

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