Friday, July 02, 2010

Ryan Kesler and Jack Johnson Hang Out in Bedroom

Ryan Kesler is, of course, the cover-boy for 2K Sports NHL 2K11. Apparently he's going on tour with 2K Sports in an RV, promoting the new game coming out for the Wii. That's all well and good, but I'm a little concerned about his proclamation that the master bedroom is "where all the magic happens" only to see LA Kings defenceman Jack Johnson sitting in his bed. Ryan, you are a married man! A father even. For shame.

There's also some scandalous talk about how good Kes looks in spandex. The rampant flirting is more than a little awkward, capped off with Johnson claiming that "every squirrel finds a nut," an analogy wherein Kesler is the squirrel and I will say no more about that.

That said, I enjoyed NHL 2K10 last year and I'll surely pick up 2K11 when it comes out. Full disclosure, I do not own a PS3 or XBox 360, so I can't play the likely superior EA NHL games, which is a shame. The 2K games are the only option on the Wii, at least until the Gretzky-sponsored NHL Slapshot comes out with its fancy mini-hockey-stick peripheral.

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  1. My favourite part is when Kesler opens the fridge to show us where the cold beverages are kept, but then doesn't allow us to see inside. Clearly, he is a blood-sucking onion man, and there is nothing resembling normal human drink in the fridge.


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