Friday, October 29, 2010

Helping out the CBC: Top 10 NHL vs. TV Moments

I happened upon this fantastic list of NHL vs. TV moments on the CBC website via the wonderful Houses of the Hockey blog from the Score. The title of the list is somewhat inaccurate, seeing as it also contains an NHL vs. film moment in Cam Neely's cameo in "Dumb and Dumber," but since that exception is Cam Neely's cameo in "Dumb and Dumber," I am full of forgiveness.

What I can't forgive is a list about TV on the internet that features no videos. House of the Hockey already pointed out this egregious error and being the gregarious sort that I am, I decided to help out the CBC by doing the legwork they didn't do and tracking down a video for each of their top 10. My success rate is poor.

10. Stanley Cup vs. Guiding Light

What in the world? This is quite possibly the oddest thing I have ever seen.

9. Scotiabank Place vs. 30 Rock
Only the second entry on the list and my search has already come up dry. NBC cares a lot about their controlling their copyrighted material, what can I say? Here's a picture of the nifty moment when Danny sings his Juno-nominated psych-up song for the Ottawa Senators. Just imagine it in your minds and I'm sure it will be hilarious.

8. L.A. Kings vs. Price is Right

Pretty funny. Too bad it's the Drew Carey edition of the Price is Right. The Kings showed up again in the Showcase Showdown.

7. Don Cherry vs. Rick Mercer

Does this even count? This seems almost like nepotism: the CBC website highlighting an appearance of a CBC television personality on a CBC television show. Pretty sketchy, CBC.

6. Vancouver Canucks vs. How I Met Your Mother
Sadly, embedding of this hilarious clip of Robin reenacting the '94 Canucks run to the Stanley Cup Finals has been disabled. On a positive note, clicking on links is really, really easy. And this video of the awesome Mason Raymond namedrop is totally embeddable:

5. New York Rangers vs. David Letterman (vs. Madonna)

Apparently Marc Staal thinks Gordie Howe has a nice looking butt. This won't be the first time Gordie Howe's good looks will show up in this list. What do you know, it's the very next item.

4. Gordie Howe vs. The Simpsons
It is incredibly easy to find episodes of The Simpsons online for free. Finding them legally is another issue altogether. We here at PitB won't espouse the use of illegal methods of viewing television episodes that circumvent copyright laws both because we like to keep a squeaky-clean image and we trust that you can use Google. In lieu of linking to one of the many, many websites that provide Simpsons episodes for free online, here's an odd backwards and Spanish version of the episode "Bart the Lover" from YouTube. Gordie Howe pops up at 13:21 and again in part two. Biggest oddity: everyone is suddenly left-handed.

3. Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Conan O'Brien

Number One on this Sportscentre Top 10 list. Since NBC are a bunch of knobs, they consistently remove their content from YouTube. Conan's bit starts at 3:54.

2. Wayne Gretzky vs. Mike Myers
Number 7 on the same Sportscentre Top 10 list as above. Same complaint about NBC as above as well. Gretzky's appearance on Wayne's World comes at 1:50. Bonus appearance by Wayne on SNL at 3:26 of the same video.

1. Cam Neely vs. Dumb and Dumber


  1. Because I know a commenter or two will chime in "You missed the best example ever!" I would like to point out that this list was compiled by the CBC, not me.

    The moment I would have added would definitely be Luc Robitaille on Bones. David Boreanaz is a legitimate hockey fan, with a special love for the Philadelphia Flyers.

  2. I made it this far in life without realizing seabass was cam neely.

    I am ashamed.

  3. No Fleury on Les Boys? No Leclaire on Ricardo (has that even happened yet)? ENGLISH BIAS, CBC.

    Also how can they have missed the epic "Luongo is a future FBI agent or something" incident! It was so important to the formation of our identity as a people!

  4. Well, Skeeter, it looks like the CBC appreciated our help, because the question I tweeted for Scott Oake to ask Brendan Morrison made the broadcast.

    It's been a good week for PITB.


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