Sunday, October 31, 2010

Luongo Limericks

Luongo may or may not be laughing here. Limericks will do that.

Four days after Pass it to Bulis suggested it on twitter, we've seen a disgusting lack of Luongo limericks. I guess I'll have to get us started.

Even with man-advantage of two
The Kings were unsure what to do
To pass or to shoot?
The question is moot.
Either way, blocker save: Bobby Lu.

The latest “Quiz” on TSN
Got Luongo laughing again.
“The question’s not, ‘Do
They trade Bobby Lu?’
You trade Schnieds. The question is ‘when?’”

He’s being the best he can be
Robbing shooters with sadistic glee
He’s seeing the puck
And having some luck
“But it must be cause he lost the C.”

How could the Nucks be so clueless?
What could have possessed them to do this?
Lu was coming off a year
To top all his career
And yet they part with the reason: Jan Bulis


  1. Qris, these are awesome. I especially like the first one. Here are two crummy stabs at joining this party:

    There once was a Penguin named Sid
    Of whom goaltenders could not get rid
    On a shootout, he came
    Close to doubling his fame
    But he didn't; and Luongo did.

    The Canucks and Ducks tallied thirteen
    On the night that they call Hallowe'en
    Luongo and Hiller
    Were part of a Thriller
    It was weird crap like I've never seen.

  2. That was a good Hallowe'en night. Ohlund with the winner. Who'da thunkit?


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