Monday, April 04, 2011

Quotes Taken Out of Context: Staios Edition

"If Ethan’s mom was coming back from injury, I think he’d take a run at her."


  1. From that article I particularly enjoyed this:
    "'I’ll move on. I’m certainly not going to think about it again.'

    Or will he?

    'It won’t be forgotten,' said Ryan. 'We’ll talk about it later.'"

    p.s. Welly had 3 pts (1G, 2A) tonight, was the game's first star, and's second star of the night. I am lacking in the twitter area, so thought I'd inform you here, lest you complain once again that no one tells you anything.

  2. Perhaps the 'Nucks will play the Stars:
    If they should win their final four,
    And then the Hawks no more than two.
    Do palm trees grow in Labrador?

    The schedule says it could occur:
    The Hawks will lose to Montreal,
    And beat the Wings not more than once.
    Are reindeer found in Senegal?

    The Stars play only alsorans:
    They've yet to beat the Avalanche,
    A team they will be meeting twice.
    Does Dallas really have a chance?

    As of today damn right they do:
    Is there a place called Timbuktu?

    Whisky Jack

  3. All The Way

    The teams that Vancouver might meet
    Decidedly doesn't matter.
    There's not a team the 'Nucks won't beat
    Despite the cynical chatter.

    So why the guarded optimism,
    The fatuous fear the team might choke?
    For others leave the skepticism;
    And much bandwagon rage provoke.

    Each Canuck has something to prove,
    From Luongo to Oreskovich.
    Each player's playing in a groove,
    For each has found his hockey niche.

    And have we not the twins Sedin
    With Alex Burrows in between!

    Chicken Chick

  4. I dunno about rhyming Oreskovich and niche. It's an acceptable pronunciation, but an alternate pronunciation nonetheless. Madwag? Skeeter? What's your verdict on this one?

  5. I have no qualms with rhyming Oreskovich and niche. Works just fine for me and it scans nicely too.

  6. Works for me. i prefer the former production with the rhetorical questions myself, but the rhyme's no crime. The use of a concluding couplet we've read before ( "Poetic Licence" ) is a trifle disappointing, although rhyming "Sedin" with "between" is definitely creatively clever. Perhaps the "chick" could have used, "They'll win the cup without a hitch," but "hockey niche" has its appeal, being somewhat original and not too much of a stretch. Restrained plaudits are warranted.



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