Monday, April 11, 2011

Top 5 Canuck Hipchecks of 2010-11

Some say the hipcheck is a lost art in the NHL, but you'd be hard pressed to find a Vancouver fan that feels this way. The offseason additions of Keith Ballard and Dan Hamhuis, two defenders that love to hip check, made going wide versus the Canucks a downright dicey proposition. Eventually, even Aaron Rome fell in love with the hit, giving the Canucks three guys who could surprise with a hipcheck at seemingly any moment. The result: perhaps the only team in the NHL for whom the hipcheck was common.

I'm not sure Canucks fans realized how spoiled they were this season. With that in mind, PITB has compiled a countdown of the five finest hipchecks thrown by the boys in blue and green in the 2010-11:

This is a perfectly timed hit, as Ballard comes across the defensive zone to meet Stalberg at the exact moment he reaches the puck. Stalberg is likely expecting a simply bodycheck, but Ballard turns and throws the hip into him instead, absolutely stapling him to the boards.

Rome didn't hipcheck much last season, but Hamhuis and Ballard have clearly inspired him. This is his best of many thrown hips, as he steps into Smid and earns extra points on the follow through.

This is a monster hip check on a monster guy. It's also a beautiful defensive play. Malkin's beaten a lot of d-men one on one with his size and speed, but Ballard recovers quickly to take away his lane, then takes the big Penguins center to the corner with a completely unexpected hit.

My goodness, this is a beautiful hit. Hamhuis times this perfectly, leading Murray to the boards with his body position, and then sending him ass over teakettle the moment he reaches the glass.

The finest hipcheck of the year comes when Keith Ballard steps into Drew Miller. It's similar to the one Ballard put on Malkin, but this one is downright obscene. Miller goes flying, and the look on his face when he gets up is priceless. He has no idea what just happened.

- - - - - - - - - - Bonus Hipchecks! - - - - - - - - - -

If those five stellar hipchecks aren't enough for you, or if maybe you thought I was kidding when I said the hit was common in Vancouver, here are ten more.


  1. Canucks have never been better throwing the hip since Hilliard Graves & Mike Robataille skated with the team.

  2. I wonder what Rome is saying to Smid? I think Smid asked him what his favourite "Mulan" character, and Rome(cause he's badass)replied "Fa Zhou"

    Also a surprising amount of hip-checks were thrown on Oilers, clearly receiving hip-checks and having a terrible overall record are closely related.

  3. God, I LOVE when they do the hip checks! *.*
    Rome just seems to need a better timing, but that one on Smid made me surprise!


  4. I was hoping you guys would so something with all the hipchecks!
    I just love it when they hipcheck, and it seems like Ballard and Hamhuis are rubbing off on Rome

  5. I wonder if they'll teach Edler?? An Edler hipcheck would be MONSTROUS.

  6. The Dallas Stars

    Whisky's drunk on bathtub gin,
    as the standings he peruses:
    “With one more win
    they could be in,
    if Chicago loses.”

    Gretchen Grouse

    Chicago lost, the Stars did too,
    So now it's up to Bobby Lu
    To shut out Toews and Patrick Kane,
    And put an end to their disdain.

    While all the rest must play their best,
    Because they know this is the test
    That they have failed in playoffs past,
    And so their fans did flabbergast.

    The Chicken Hawk says, “Not a chance
    The wuss Canucks will e'er advance.
    If you would know this pundit's picks
    I now predict the Hawks in six!”

    Toulouse Toucan does disagree.
    “The Hawks will lose as you will see.
    The 'Nucks will play in overdrive.
    I state they'll need not more than five!”

    Says Whisky Jack, “I only care
    The play is fast, the reffing fair.”
    And as for me this trolling elf
    Does not know where to find herself.

    chicken chick


    “I think it would be kind of neat
    To celebrate on Robson Street,
    'Mid drunken screams, 'We're number one!'
    And hope the punks don't spoil the fun.

    And thus I guess now I live here,
    There's but one team for which to cheer!”

  7. Nice to see the hipcheck collection here at least. There have been some beauties! I was actually third row in the same corner for the Miller check... You can even see my son and I on the replay... It was beautiful! Here's to hoping there's plenty more in the playoffs!

    @Gabrielle: I think I recall witnessing an Edler hipcheck early on in the season but, I can't seem to find a video of it so, I must be wrong.

  8. Surprised the Ballard hipcheck on Kopecky didn't get an honorable mention

  9. It did, in the "Bonus Hipchecks" section.

    I love that one. That one is unofficially #6.

  10. The #2 Hamhuis hipcheck was glorious...Murray did a perfect cartwheel.
    Please will someone hipcheck Kane? He may be a little too quick though.


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