Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Best of the Sedins, 2010-11 (10-6)

PITB's first post ever was a top 5 countdown of the best Sedin goals of last season, posted exactly a year ago today. We thought, in honour of our first birthday, and the fact that the Sedins are totally balls, it was time to return to our roots. What are blogs for if not for lists?

Unlike last year, there is no de facto number one, but there are about fifteen plays worthy of a spot in the top five. As a result, we've doubled the list, and will now be counting down the top ten Sedin plays of 2010-11. Be warned: this list is highly subjective. Last week's post, in which we shared 12 wizardous candidates, proved consensus on this issue to be impossible. As a result, we just decided to go with our gut, and I can safely say that my gut's never steered me wrong (apart from the time it asked for a bacon sundae).

Anyway. Here are plays 10 - 6. Check back here at 4pm sharp for the final five.


10 December 23, vs the Columbus Blue Jackets
A lot of people fail to realize that Daniel Sedin is a power forward who loves to comes out from behind with a guy draped all over him. Here, we see him actually draw the defender, wait for contact, then make an incredible back pass right into the slot for Henrik. Commentator John Garrett simply exhales. I imagine his sentiments are echoed by most of Ohio.

9 December 28, vs the Philadelphia Flyers
This is actually a give-and-go between Alex Burrows and Daniel Sedin, but it still counts as Sedinery. Burr gets a pass because he spends a lot of time under Sedin tutelage. His patience is impressive here, as is Kimmo Timonen's draw to the button.

8 January 07, vs the Edmonton Oilers
This ludicrous lob play was utilized the Sedins to start a number of breakouts, but this is the prettiest finish. After Burrows lofts it over two zones, the twins go in two-on-one. Theo Peckham's job, in this situation, is to take away the pass, but the Sedins still manage to make two. Henrik's saucer pass is absolutely perfect, as is Daniel's backhand deke for the goal.

7 April 09, vs the Calgary Flames
The most recent goal on our list comes on a partial breakaway. Think about that when you watch it happen. Rather than streak to the net, Daniel curls away, then makes a ridiculous backpass to Henrik that splits three Calgary defenders. Henrik then makes a beautiful one-touch pass to Ryan Kesler, who finishes the play by one-timing the puck.

6 December 31, vs the Dallas Stars
This is one of the finest executed powerplays you'll ever see. Daniel and Henrik break down the Stars' box like it's the day after Christmas, first with an obscenely high tape-to-tape saucer pass, then a back pass to Alex Edler. Before the Stars realize they've shifted about a foot from the center of the ice, Edler finds Henrik, who pots a one-timer from a difficult angle. it's so fluid it's ridiculous.


10 - 6
5 - 1


  1. Haven't read the post yet, but thank goodness you guys are still staying over here at passittobulis.com

    Now brb reading

  2. This is an awesome collection!

    it's so fluid it's ridiculous.

    yup it's just insane

  3. Those were pretty! Kudos to you guys for making this list...BTW...you have kept me from studying for finals the past 15 mins but I thank you for it! When I have time, I'll create a blog and show you my top 5 fave sedin moments (except highlights are from the past few years, not when they were pudgy baby-faced kids :P

  4. Love the goals. BUT YOU MADE A MISTAKE!! (double-exclamation mark)

    Both goals #6 and #7 are on the Power Play however in the comments for Goal #6 it states that it's the only PP goal in the top 10. I THINK NOT! Who does Goal 6 think it is? Caesar? Mussolini?

  5. I think I know which one's first. :)
    Is it the Daniel-to-Burrows-to-Daniel-to-Henrik-he-scores on a three-on-one? Cause that was absolutely mind-boggling.

  6. I remember watching the Columbus game and experiencing a strange emotion unfamiliar in my Canucks watching. I felt like a guilty fan. Like I was rooting for wolves eat baby caribou.

    I never feel sorry when Kesler, Naslund, Ovechkin or Crosby scored but the Sedins have a way of humiliating defense more than any others.

  7. @Gabrielle yeah that is what I am thinking, the one against edmonton right? That was ridiculous! I am thinking Henrik's one-handed deke against SJS is second, Henrik's breakaway goal on Miller is in there somewhere too as well as Daniel's goal against Turco (may have been a penalty shot tho)

  8. #9 single-slide by Timonen.. a lousy student of the Bieksa School

  9. Um it's past 4pm sharp. at least by my watch


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