Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PITB Sells Out

In case you missed it, Pass it to Bulis has joined the Vancouver Sun just in time for the playoffs. For those who think we're selling out, understand that selling out requires the promise of far more money than we're forecasted to receive.

Make sure you update your bookmarks to passittobulis.com (or vancouversun.com/passittobulis) rather than http://passittobulis.blogspot.com.

Updates will no longer be posted to Blogspot. Wish us luck adapting to a finicky new Wordpress engine.

Rest assured, we will continue to provide the same quality of commentary on the Canucks that you have come to know and love, and that we do not intend to become [bigger] jerks. The only reason this was at all possible is because we have the greatest readers in Internet history and we don't intend to lose sight of that.

Now go here, because that's where we are now.


  1. So your last post is on the exact same day one year later than your first post?? Weird...

    Darn it, now I have to type in a way longer URL. Argggh.

    Congratulations though!!

  2. passittobulis.com is actually a shorter url. You don't need to write the longer one out.

    Thanks! It was a crazy year and we're pretty proud of what we've accomplished so far.

  3. I have to admit joy was not my first reaction when I heard about the "sellout". Human nature does not usually embrace change and I'm going to miss the feeling of being a small part of a discerning group reading the best blog in hockey.

    That said as a Canuck fan, if this season has taught me anything it is to embrace success because sometimes good things happen to good people.

    As I update my favourites it is through a haze of tears. Tears of happiness for a beginning, tears of sadness for the end of an era. But mostly because my wife is dicing onions for the perogies. Mmmmm...perogies.

    Brian O'Brien (aka Felix LaPoubelle)

  4. Woah, hard to believe it's only been a year

  5. please add the favicon to the new site

  6. The term sellout is way overused; usually by those who failed. Congrats on making it big.

  7. congrats guys! you totally deserve it. i read your stuff everyday and it is gold.. so keep it up

  8. Does this mean you guys with have an intense rivalry with the Kurtenblog as they work for the other paper?


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