Monday, April 26, 2010

Ron Maclean Thinks It's Mardi Gras

If you went downtown to celebrate the game after the Canucks wrapped up their series with the Kings last night, you may have missed one of the strangest moments in Ron Maclean's broadcasting career. The CBC panel was joined by a green girl, most likely an intern with the network, who came and stood between Glenn and Kelly and imitated the moves of Force and Sully. Glenn, Ron, and Kelly laughed, and then, uh, Ron Maclean said:

"Show us what you got! Pull that top off!"

I don't think he meant it quite the way he sounded. This is Ron Maclean, not Joe Francis. Seems like he quickly realized how it sounded, and, in the same breath, added, "Oh, nevermind." He was met with silence from Glenn and Kelly, who were probably wondering what in the heck he was thinking. This was where CBC left it last night.

I think/hope Maclean meant the mask. I'm going to leave it at that.

As an aside, I saw this last night and accidentally deleted my PVR before I could upload it to Youtube. However, any Canucks fan on the Internet knows that
CanucksHD is the master of Youtube and we love and appreciate his invaluable contributions.

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