Friday, April 23, 2010

The NHL Still Knows Nothing About the Sedins

Seriously, guys, we've been in the NHL for almost a decade.

The Canucks have the most unique forward line in Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin and Alexandre Burrows. Unique because the Sedin twins -- Daniel the center and Henrik the left wing -- have been playing together nearly their entire lives and have an uncanny chemistry that only brothers who shared the same womb can comprehend.

Ignoring for the moment that it's incredibly creepy to talk about the Sedins sharing a womb, this is an absolutely inexcusable error. The time is terrible as well, giving Canucks fans yet more ammunition for their Bias Cannons.

It's also terrible timing in another way, as Burrows was taken off the top line on Wednesday and the Sedins are set to lineup with Samuelsson tonight. What better time than to feature an article on the front page of about how well the Sedins and Burrows are playing, with a link labeled "Top lines clicking for Canucks, Hawks" and the claim that "Sedin twins are in synch with Alex Burrows?"

Do the staff writers for not have access to their own website's statistics page? The one that clearly shows Burrows has yet to register a point in the playoffs? What part of that would suggest that the top line is "clicking" and that the Sedins are "in synch" with Burrows?

Incredibly shoddy work from, further re-enforcing the fact that they pay no attention to the west coast.

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