Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Find This Photo Odd: Raymond & Kesler Are Besties

Mason Raymond and Ryan Kesler are such good buds--true besties--that they regularly engage in intense tickle fights, even at extremely inopportune times. Case in point: this photo was taken while the Canucks were trying to kill a penalty. If Dan "Community Man" Hamhuis wasn't such a good guy, he might have given them a piece of his mind.

Yeah, we find this photo odd. It kind of looks like they're tobogganing. Can you see it? Maybe you could see it better if we photoshopped it to look exactly like that. Here you go:


  1. FFS

    “Chicago's slipped to sixth i see.
    They lost last night to Anaheim.
    On Monday night they play Detroit.
    How much lower will they unclimb?”

    This note appeared upon our fridge.
    The Chicken Hawk was not amused.
    He left to play his violin,
    And thus his anger he defused.

    On his return he asked of us,
    “Which one of you that verse did write,
    And my feelings not consider?
    They'll beat the Wings on Monday night!”

    Not one of us would disagree.
    We like to have a peaceful house.
    We pondered long who wrote the poem:
    It FFS was Gretchen Grouse.

    Whisky Jack

  2. Is PitB plagued by rogue poets now?

  3. @DubiousRhino Totally. A bus full of them crashed right outside our offices. We're trying to get them to accept that they're dead.

  4. They're probably killing themselves laughing cuz it doesn't matter what they do, the thrashers were never going to score on their powerplay. haha

  5. @ anonymous. "eighth" is correct. i got caught up in the alliteration.

  6. Someone needs to photoshop them lying in front of a fireplace

  7. Mason looks a wee bit pained. Ballard should be doing a ballurk somewhere...

  8. Posted by both H & Skeet. Ha. Did you hit 'upload' at the same time? Is this a 'besties' contest now?

  9. @anonymous I'm sure that, in the spirit of the subject, they co-wrote this hilarious post while rolling around on the floor together. Good times. Terrible mental image but good times none the less.

  10. Yeah, we wrote the post while hand-feeding each other frosting and wearing matching robes and slippies.

    Hmm. Gross.

    In truth, Skeeter wrote the text and I did the photoshopping. Team effort.

  11. To quote Brian Regan, "Go team, go."

    But seriously, "hand-feeding each other frosting"? That's gross.

    I prefer grapes.

  12. Gabrielle KoetsierMarch 28, 2011 at 7:51 AM

    Wasn't this when MayRay dumped the puck in and it scored on Kiprusoff?

  13. I'm pretty sure this is from december 2009 when raymond got his first hattrick...nice try though


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