Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Watched This Game: Canucks at Red Wings, March 23, 2011

Canucks 2 - 1 Red Wings

Anyone hoping for another game of the year candidate between the two best teams in the Western Conference was likely a little let down by last night's affair, which saw both teams play hard--just not too hard. With only ten games to go in the regular season, the Canucks and the Red Wings have begun looking forward to the playoffs, which means approaching these final matches cautiously and ensuring everyone is healthy and ready for the next set of games that will matter. Unsurprisingly, then, this game was decided by who played and who didn't, as Pavel Datsyuk's absence rendered Detroit notably less dangerous, and Daniel Sedin's presence, after rushing back to join the team for reasons of his own, made the difference. Dank scored both Vancouver goals. And, just as Daniel was determined to play in this game, I was equally determined to watch it. The good news is that we both succeeded. I watched this game:

  • How can you tell the outcome of this game was secondary to injury avoidance while playing it? The piddly number of blocked shots. Detroit and Vancouver had a measly 13 between them. The Canucks had four. Two of those were attributed to Alex Bolduc, which makes a lot of sense. Bolduc is likely the only player in the Canucks lineup with any motivation to block shots. He'll be lucky if he gets many more chances to prove be should be part of the playoff roster; he's got no choice but to tempt fate and try to impress. Meanwhile, the Red Wings had nine blocked shots, but four of them were from Niklas Kronwall, who apparently didn't get the memo. This might be the only time of the year when coaches are begging players not to sacrifice their bodies, and guys are diving away from shots like synchronized swimmers.
  • Speaking of Alex Bolduc, do you think he should send Gord Miller a box of chocolates with a captioned photo of himself at the bottom? For the entirety of the night, Miller kept calling him Andre. That is incorrect. "Alex" is Bolduc's first name. "Andre" is a precocious baby sea lion.
  • Roberto Luongo was fantastic, as he has been for much of the season. After a slow start to the year, likely attributed to the adjustments called for by new goalie coach Rollie Melanson, Funny Bob has been fairly consistent all year. Courtesy Jason Botchford: he hasn't been pulled once in 2011, and he's let in 4 goals only one time. Luongo is now first in the NHL in wins, third in SV%, fourth in GAA, and leading the Canucks towards a first ever Jennings trophy. Put succinctly: he's good. In last night's affair, he made 39 saves, (several of the category amazeballs) and he kept the Canucks in the game during a one-sided first period and a few intense third-period assaults. He appears to be on his game heading into the playoffs, and this can only be a good thing, unless it turns out his game is shuffleboard.
  • Don't get me started on his lack of shutouts. It should be obvious to everyone that Luongo always purposefully lets in one, so the team won't be too hungry next time. It's called The Snack Goal Principle.
  • You'd have thought Daniel Sedin would be jet-lagged or something, but the in-flight movie was The Last Airbender, so he got a lot of sleep. One day after his wife gave birth to a new baby girl, Daniel scored both the opening goal and the game-winner, proving that witnessing the miracle of life makes you a better hockey player. Someone send Toronto a DVD of Knocked Up. With the two points, Daniel pushed his lead over Steven Stamkos to nine, impressed the Eastern Hart voters who only watch games in their time zone, and, more importantly, maintained the seven-point gap between he and that gloryhog Henrik. Daniel's first goal, banked off the skate of Niklas Lidstrom (akin to dunking on Lebron James), was the 12th time this season he's potted the game's first goal. No wonder he has more kids than his brother; he initiates more scoring.
  • The best goal of the game was the Canucks' powerplay game-winner (above). Take some time to watch what all five members do. Salo and Ehrhoff pass the puck back and forth, trying to open up lanes for a point shot. They both get a clear shot, but neither gets through. When the Wings look to get the puck out, Salo pinches, Ehrhoff takes off to the red line to cover him. Kris Draper gets to the puck, he sees Salo coming. Worse, Henrik has already gotten into his clearing lane, so he turns back, then makes a poor clearing attempt, which Henrik recovers anyway. While all of is going on, Ryan Kesler is causing absolute havoc in front. First, he topples over Jimmy Howard, causing Howard to lose his stick. No call, because Howard's way out of his crease and he initiates the contact by diving for the puck. Then, Kesler takes Brad Stuart's legs out with a subtle drive-by trip. No call again, because conspiracies against the Canucks are topped only by conspiracies against the Red Wings. Niklas Kronwall tries to shade over and take away a pass to Kesler, but this opens up a stupid amount of room for Henrik and Daniel, who just pound away with the same cross-ice pass and one-timer until there's simply too much chaos to overcome, and the puck goes in. Color me impressed. And Badd.
  • I wonder if there was ever a plan to ease Kevin Bieksa back into the lineup, because if there was, someone screwed up bigtime. Juice played the most minutes of any Canuck at 23:19, immediately returning to his top pairing with Dan Hamhuis. Bieksa played excellent, although he looked a little shaky on his skates, at times, including one icing call where Valteri Filppula gave him a late nudge and he fell into the boards. The best part of that incident was when the two linesman skated in to separate the men, and Bieksa, while standing right between them, slashed Filppula in the calf. Are you surprised? This is a guy who punched out a teammate during his first training camp. Kevin "Stagger Lee" Bieksa would shoot a man in a crowded saloon in a dispute over a hat. He's so badass.
  • Bieksa did get a reprieve from the night's toughest assignment, however, as Dan "Community Man" Hamhuis took Bieksa's regular job of battling with Tomas Holmstrom in front. He did an admirable job, too, twice alleviating Detroit zone pressure by taking Holmstrom off the ice with a penalty. It was nice of Hamhuis to give Bieksa the night off; he took a beating for him, much like the time he recovered that old lady's purse from that unruly street gang, or the time he saved that young woman from those pipe wrench-wielding thugs.
  • Victor Oreskovich had a good game, highlighted by one stellar 2nd period shift during which he set up three quality scoring chances from behind the net. First he muscled out in front for two shots. Then he made a beautiful centring pass. Then when the puck came back to him, he made a tape-to-tape pass to the point. This is likely the only time Oreskovich will ever receive this adjective, but it was positively Malkinesque. Nothing came of it, but it was nice to see flashes of NHL hands from the big man. That said, because they were under gloves, we don't know that they were actually his hands. They could have been the devil's hands. I've seen this before. Has he suddenly improved at playing the holophonor?
  • Ryan Kesler was the big faceoff winner, going 13-for-18 in the circle, including 11-for-13 in the offensive zone. Curiously, however, he didn't take a single draw in the neutral zone. Apparently Kesler, like sparkling wine, is only for special occasions. Of the 12 faceoffs between the blue lines, Henrik took six, and Lapierre and Bolduc took three apiece.
  • Raffi Torres had three hits, but you'd think he was out for the season too. I feel like I haven't seen him since Malhotra went down. He clearly drew a lot of confidence from playing with Manny, and now he's going to have to dig deep and discover it was inside him all along, or something. But Manny Malhotra died over thirty years ago...
  • With the win over Detroit, the Canucks only need to win three of their final eight to win the Western Conference. It seems a foregone conclusion at this point, especially since they still haven't dropped two consecutive regulation games since November, and even alternating wins and losses to keep this trend alive means they'll win four. May as well start stitching that banner.


  1. I know you're joking about the Raffi point, but it's heart breaking to read that last line. too soon. :(

  2. Not to nitpick, but our magic number is 3, since we now own the tiebreaker over the Wings. I've already got my Western Conference Champs tattoo.

  3. @Wisp Malhotra's not dead. Why is everyone so sensitive about this?

    Anyway, that was a Clone High reference, but I couldn't find the clip I wanted.

  4. Small correction about the last point - the Canucks (and Wings) have 8 games left, not 9. With the regulation win over their closest conference competitor, the Canucks now need 3 wins in the last 8 to lock up first seed in the west, regardless of what Detroit does.

    Not to jinx it, but I'd say that it's pretty safe to say that the Canucks have it locked up. We're still a few games away from being able to say the same for the President's trophy (We need 13 of the 16 remaining points to guarantee it), but we'll see what happens over the next few games.

    One note about the game winner - notice how Henrik gave up a good opportunity to score, to give Daniel a practical gimme? Some might say that it's just that trademarked extra Sedin pass, or Henrik was being unselfish, but I frankly think it's more than that.

    I think he wanted that assist only to rub it in Daniel's face, when he wins the Art Ross, that he couldn't have done it without Captain Brother, and he can't score without him. Of course, Daniel's response will be to point to his children in the audience, and then Henrik will wink at Daniel's wife, and she'll blush. What a jerk.

  5. Thanks for pointing that out, James & Anonymous. I have fixed my erroneous stats.

  6. cc's journal

    sunday, march 20

    Wednesday night you play the Wings,
    a team that has a game in hand.
    It could be bad if you don't win:
    just five ahead you'll understand.

    monday, march 21

    The Wings played Pittsburgh Monday night.
    The 'Nucks desired that they would lose,
    and so they did in overtime.
    I trust you felt this was good news.

    The Wings are now eight points behind.
    You've both just seven games to play.
    A Wednesday win would comfort youse
    who wish the 'Nucks in first to stay.

    tuesday, march 22

    The Flyers still have nine to play
    and sit but seven points behind.
    As Philly plays the Caps tonight,
    new standings then will be defined.

    The Caps five-four in overtime:
    they're close to Philly in the East.
    The Flyers still a game in hand,
    a 'Nucks concern to say the least.

    The 'Nucks had best the Wings defeat,
    ensure your place atop the league,
    and then prepare your playoff run.
    A loss of course will me intrigue!

    wednesday, march 23

    Six points behind a game in hand,
    They play the Pens on Thursday night.
    You'd better be ahead by eight.
    There's naught to say that isn't trite!

    There only is to wait and see
    if for Manny you clip the Wings,
    then carry on to finish first,
    and do your dream of better things.

    It's nice to hear Bieksa's back.
    To play a game they need to win
    Luongo stops M. Modano,
    And today's dad then banks one in!

    In short the 'Nucks do beat the Wings.
    Sedin did net the needed two!
    When there's a job that's needing done,
    This team just keeps on coming through.

    Thursday, march 24

    Chicago also won last night.
    It seems that they'll be in the fight,
    To meet you in the second round.
    I think I hear a squawking sound.

    chicken chick

  7. Daniel scored both the opening goal and the game-winner, proving that witnessing the miracle of life makes you a better hockey player. Someone send Toronto a DVD of Knocked Up.

    i'm dead

  8. Oh dear! I've to correct myself before the nasties come out. i based my journal thoughts on a eighty game season. I'm sitting corrected with fears in my thighs.


  9. I knew you were going for a Doug Prepcourse reference!

  10. A little crow eating...

    Luongo was great tonight. He kept us in the game and no weak goals. He was calm, kept his net, stayed big in the net, smart moving the puck and should have even been credited with a hit. If this is what we will see going forward and the team plays as strong as we have most of the year, we are in for a great ride...

  11. Harrison, you keep writing so much gold I'm starting to think you know where El Dorado is. That said, I have a bone to pick...

    'Color me impressed.'
    I believe you mean: Colour me impressed.

    I hope that was one of those blogger related spell check errors... or maybe you're trying to emulate Kesler a bit much!

  12. @Chicken Chick

    Have no fear, my flighty friend
    Although I'm sure you're freaking out
    Your poem had an intriguing end
    And no one here will call you out

    I, however, will call myself out for rhyming "out" with "out." That's ugly.

  13. @madwaag

    "Zee" is a toilet paper. "Zed" is a letter.

    I've an old unopened package of Zee Toilet Tissue from 1958. It's a 4 Rolls Family Pak in Ballet Pink and was from the Crown Zellerbach Company of San Francisco. It is in fair condition with some package wear. The outer wrap is wrinkled and has some tears. There is a 2 1/2" tear on the front above the pictured roll and another 1 1/2" tear is up the back at the bottom. These don't show very well since the package is currently shrunk wrapped for protection from further tears. It measures about 7 1/2" by 9 1/8" by 4".

    Price $30.00 USD

    clay pigeon

  14. @Neal

    Is it Zed or is it Zee?

    Color or colour,
    Dolor or dolour,
    Neighbor or neighbour,
    Flavor or flavour,
    Savor or savour,
    Behavior or behaviour,
    Savior or saviour?

    Are we still part of the British Empire come Commonwealth, or are we North Americans?

    “Does anybody know what time it is
    Does anybody really care?
    If so I can't imagine why:
    We've all got time enough to die.”

    (Lyrics by Chicago”)

    “The worrywart hypochondriac imagines aches and hears muffled knockings in the outlying provinces of his (or her) body at three in the morning. Similarly the eyes of the purist fretter about language, pass over any virtues on a page without a flicker, and are drawn exclusively to misprint, catachresis, misspelling, solecism, barbarism, and other evidence that English ain't what it used to be. 
In extreme cases the worrier takes the alleged decadence of English as a cause and not just a symptom of our supposed general decline. As the Dark Ages roll over us, he/she and a small √©lite of literati who still use the Queen's English correctly will be besieged in their Gowers-towers, while outside the troops of Midian will prowl around, splitting infinitives and grunting "hopefully" to each other.

    (Philip Howard, American lawyer and writer )

    “If you are lucky enough to meet a mermaid, do not borrow her cap or belt, her comb or her mirror. Try not to fall in love with her. Whatever you do, do not marry her, though at the same time try not to offend her. And do not address her in Greek or Latin, for she is unlikely to understand you. If you hear mermaids singing, each to each, before you block your ears in holy dread, the dulcet and harmonious breath you hear will probably be singing in Old High German, Old Low German, or Old Norse.”
    (Chapter18, Mermaids, p.105)
    “Efficiency is intelligent laziness.”

    David R. Dunham ( pastor, blogger, and avid fan of pop-culture)

    Eliminating the “u” is intelligent laziness!


  15. @Neal

    I'll respond to that. I went with Color because of the Color Me Badd reference. I wanted to go with Colour, but CMB were not Canadian, and the only U came between "I want to sex" and "up".

  16. @Harrison I can understand where you're coming from. It's not a huge thing, I'm just a fan of defending the small differences that keep Canada a little unique.

    @Madwag I C wut ur sayin but were du u dra the line? your point makes sents but their iz somethin 2 b sed 4 tradishun.

  17. I totally heard Farnsworth's voice in my head when I read that line.

    You should watch [a href=""]this[/a]


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