Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ryan Kesler Thinks He is Hilarious

This latest video from compiles a brief history of Kesler's interview adventures, which we have covered previously. It's odd, it's off-putting, and it's endearing. Quite frankly, I love it. For once, we're seeing a slightly less serious side to Kesler, though he's clearly still very serious about doing as many of these background excursions as possible. He also seems to find himself incredibly funny.

What's it all about? Does he just think he's hilarious? Is he desperate for attention? Is it a sneaky viral ad campaign for RK17? My theory is that the enforcement of maturity on-ice has led to an outburst of immaturity off-ice. He needs an outlet and, now that he can't verbally assault the opposition, he visually assaults his teammates.

Kesler has dubbed his antics as "interview bombing" and claims he invented the practice. I prefer the term Keslurking. Whatever the title, we hope he continues doing it.


  1. I wonder how Luongo feels about his mask being used. isn't that bad luck? Kes is hilarious. Unfortunately, these things all come to an end, so he'd best come up with something else to do in a week or two. Or maybe the hilarity will be that he keeps it up until the cup comes to Vancouver.

  2. Keslurking! I believe these beauties should have the shark theme playing in the background. LOL

  3. He invented it, huh? Does Kesler realize that doing silly thing behind interviews has been the primary activity of everyone ever since the invention of the television?

  4. What Would Steve McQueen Do ?March 12, 2011 at 1:40 PM

    It's too bad they cut out the creeping at the beginning of the Raffi Torres pizza clip. And is anyone else more surprised that Kesler is standing BEHIND the player being interviewed, and not in front of the player, thus screening the camera ?

  5. coo coo

    attention glomming
    akin to peeping tomming
    interview bombing

    clay pigeon


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