Monday, March 21, 2011

This Sucks

Manny Malhotra is done for the season and playoffs. I am just devastated right now. There are no words. If you want to know how important I think Malhotra is to the Canucks' success, read "Manny Malhotra is an Enabler." Right now I'll busy myself by building a massive panic button.


  1. Hope the boys can win it for Manny.

  2. I already did via CDC. Actually...I never left it out.

    here's a good one, and it flashes too!

  3. I feel like puking right now and I haven't even thought about what the impact is for the team yet, I'm thinking about him and his life outside of being a hockey player. What a crazy, freak accident.

    Will we see a few more players put visors on after this? I sure as hell hope so.

  4. This sucks. Get better, Manny. :(

    Re: Manny is an enabler. He is. But get away from the panick butt. This team is still better then last years team. They still have a chance. Do it for Manny!

  5. I really hope they can fix his eye... That really is the only IMPORTANT thing. It just sucks about the Canuck Luck in March... Naslund 2001... Bert 2004.

    I hope we can overcome this but damn we sure have spent a lot less time in our own end because Manny gets us the puck off the faceoffs so much.

  6. @Wisp Funny you should mention that this year's team is better. I just started writing a post on the same subject.

  7. Way to focus on the impact on the team and not on an excellent human being's entire life. It's kind of sad to see the douchy turn this blog has taken in recent posts.

  8. I'm sorry, should I have spelled it out for you in giant red letters that I am concerned for Manny's health? Do you need reassurance that I am a human being who cares for other human beings? Should I have clarified that the main reason I am devastated is because this is a brutal injury for a marvelous human being to face? My apologies. Now please go away.

  9. Can you guys organize a way to get fan messages to Manny? Like making a giant get-well card? We can post our messages here on PiTB. He is such a class act in a game that is getting more attention for classless acts. I just hope he knows that we the fans really appreciate not just his skill but his shining leadership and humanity.

  10. It's a fantastic idea. So fantastic, in fact, that one of our fine cohorts in the Canucks blogosphere, Canucks Corner, has already started it off. They already have 74 comments there: definitely add your well-wishings.

  11. Can't stand when guys on their high horse Holier-than-thou rants assume you don't care about a person just because you mention the impact of their loss on the team. Of course we care about Manny and his recovery. But he is not a close friend of mine, he is a player on my favorite team so I care about the impact of losing him as well. Chill out!

  12. I also did not think this was an "I love the team and don't care about the person" type of post. I'm sad too about Manny, for his sake and the team. PitB, you are awesome.

  13. The douchy turn in recent posts? I mean, I recognize that the post praising Axe body spray wasn't in keeping with our regular content, but I just love the stuff, and the way it turns women into drooling, shambling animals. Also, the post about putting a spoiler on my 2000 Dodge Neon? I was proud, who wouldn't be? And there's nothing douchey about tweeting a pic of my Betty Boop but with bigger boobs backtat.

    I don't get what this guy is getting at.

  14. Feels like douchy comments are at an all time high and I'm not referring to Mooney or Skeeter.
    Hope Manny can make a full recovery. Perhaps he'll find other ways to contribute in the meantime. IE locker room visits and maybe some Faceoff clinics with the boys. He's been such a positive influence and that won't change.

  15. Haha, I was actually just thinking the same thing Kenny. Wouldn't it be awesome if Manny was well enough by the playoffs to give the others pointers?

    Nobody wants to see this injury end a career, much less impede Manny from living a normal life. The suggestion that your post is somehow insincere seems to based in a jaded notion that sports fans can't be both concerned for the well-being of the player and the well-being of the team at the same time. The majority of the comments on this site definitely blow that unwarranted conceit out of the water.

  16. @Kenny and Michael: I was just talking to my Dad on the phone about how sad I am that this injury ended his season, and he made that same comment that maybe he should have some "face-off pointers" seminars or something like that! I guess all the great minds think alike!!

  17. It would be awesome to see Manny continuing to have a role down the stretch as some kind of Obi-Wan Kenobi to the team, tutoring the team on the ways of the force/faceoffs. Might make him feel better about the general suckiness of this too.

  18. On Missing Manny ( A Prophecy )

    do not improperly panic
    or be so borderline manic
    for you've still players like Jannik

    notwithstanding what Manny was
    you still can win the cup because
    players will play as Hansen does

    I'm just saying they will not quit
    given Maholtra's out of it
    they'll gird their loins and show his grit

    the Stanley Cup your team will own
    as Jannik Hansen sets the tone

    chicken chick

  19. Is she^ on our side now? I think she just said they'll win the cup... she must be trying to jinx us!

  20. Win one for Manny, boys! That's all that can be done now.

    Get well soon Manny, I hope to one day see you winning draws and killing penalties again in the Orca.

  21. only the Sphinx can jinx
    on your side i'm not
    i just see what could be
    that skeeter dan forgot



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