Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daniel Sedin Just Got Keslurked

Just so we're abreast of all developments, here's Daniel Sedin falling victim to the Keslurk, as Ryan Kesler pops up over his right shoulder at about the 30-second mark. This is a primo Keslurk, although Kesler appears at such an unnatural angle you'd think Daniel (wizard that he is) actually conjured him up. This might not be Ryan Kesler at all, but rather, a daemon with insidious, chameleonic properties.

You've gotta give credit to a guy so dedicated to creating his own meme, although I do wish he'd consulted us before he dubbed it "Interview Bombing." That phrase has now become Kesler Bombing, and it's what half of Twitter is calling it now, including @GutsMcTavish24, the Saturninus to our Bassianus. The other half is correctly calling it Keslurking. It's quite nearly a Red state/Blue state thing, but seriously, who do you trust to name your memes? Ryan Kesler, hockey player and mediocre Twitterer, or Pass it to freaking Bulis? This is what we do, Kes. Why you frontin' on us, is that necessary?

That said, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and a Keslurk by any other name would continue to bring the chuckles. Never stop, Ryan Kesler.


  1. coo coo

    attention glomming
    akin to peeping tomming
    interview bombing

    clay pigeo

  2. Keslurk is the best. Because it's very similar to Kesler, just with a k added on the end.

    Well done PITB. Everyone else is posing.

  3. Just noticed Kes keslurking the PITB's banner. Love it! haha


  4. Yeah, I did a double take and had to go to Google cache to confirm that this is a new addition.

    Kesler is in your base, hacking your banners.

  5. Best. Keslurk. Ever.

  6. The wager should be: who's going to Keslurk Kesler's next interview? My money is on Burrows. Which might make it Burr Keslurking. Which sounds like burlesque.


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