Monday, January 03, 2011

Alex Bolduc Looks a Lot Like Howard Moon

We at PITB have made no secret of our love for the Mighty Boosh, the completely ridiculous and ridiculously awesome British comedy series featuring Vince Noir and Howard Moon. And forgive me if the reference is too obscure for you, but for the very small group of our very small readership who have ever watched the Mighty Boosh, here's a treat: Alex Bolduc looks a lot like Howard Moon, the vain but generic-looking writer and musician who spends part of every day in a jazz trance.

Even moreso nowadays, as he's let his reddish-brown hair grow disheveled in much the same way. Duker's a dead ringer for Moon. It's a shame Bolduc wasn't with the team during Movember, as a moustache would have clinched it. These guys could be twins.

Not convinced? Further proof, after the jump:

And in case you don't love the Boosh, here's video evidence that it's worth tracking down. the DVDs were just released in America, and I'm sure there's whole episodes online, peddled by Boosh-loving Net pirates.


  1. A friend of mine was Old Gregg for Hallowe'en.

  2. LOL you're right.. spittin image. Wish Bolduc's nick name was Duke or something else other than ducer

  3. I only Bolduc grew a beauty of a stache like Moon...

  4. Hey, I have seen mighty boosh quite a bit. Even tho I feel like it's a show for chavs and english psychonauts I will admit it's pretty funny sometimes.

    Crackfox was a good episode.

  5. the real question is, has alex bolduc been to the crunch?


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