Friday, January 28, 2011

Burrows Interviews Bieksa, Unwittingly Reveals Himself as Passionate Romantic

If you haven't seen this fantastic video of Alex Burrows interviewing Kevin Bieksa from, you are missing out. It is remarkably hilarious.

Many stick taps and gloved taps on the helmet to Nucks Misconduct.


  1. Lol Ballard must have had a heated practice, Juice seems legit miffed!

    I love this team.

  2. funny piece by ed willies in the province. Kesler was wearing his white gloves for the all-star game in practice, and the other guys were giving him a bad time about it, bieksa included:

    “In case you didn't know, he's going to the all-star game,” says Kevin Bieksa.

  3. Funny, but nowhere near as funny/clever as a previous video of Bieksa and Raymond ripping on their team mates.

  4. so where is the other bieksa/raymond video? this one was pretty funny. all you never wanted to know about burrows and his wife.

  5. Hahahaha, hilarious!! Even the cameraman was laughing when Bieksa said "You turn me on."

    1. uh the Cameraman was Ryan Kesler

  6. that was sooo good. dont take this the wrong way PItBul(best moniker) but this is the best thing ever on this site. hilarious

  7. "We've been working on it for a while"

    Best line, hands down.


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