Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Find This Quote Odd: Proof That Daniel Sedin is Out For Blood

This man cries tears of rage.

Regular Bulies know my feelings regarding the constantly put-under Daniel Sedin, the perennial also-ran among people who look exactly like him. Daniel has always been the second to receive Sedin-based praise, and there's no doubt in my mind it kills him every time. Henrik won the Art Ross. Henrik won the Hart. Henrik got the captaincy. Until yesterday, Henrik was the All-Star. Daniel gets no love and he gets no respect. I'll bet if Derek Jory sits in Daniel's seat, nobody says anything. Is anyone sitting here? Just Daniel "Brent Gretzky" Sedin, but he can move.

At the beginning of the season, I suggested that Daniel's bottle of quiet rage was nearing an inevitable overflow--that, so driven by rage was he, he would have his best season ever. But, apart from a hunch (and the fact I'm projecting similar suppressed feelings of sibling inadequacy), I've never had much proof.

Until today, when Dan Rosen sat down with the Sedins for

At first, I thought we might be in for more gentle jabs, like when Henrik suggested he would score as much as Daniel if he was feeding himself the puck. That's what we got, too, when Henrik touched on who might win a fight between his brother and him: Henrik, who wins in a fight?

Henrik: "Oh, that'd be tough. We've never fought. I might win. It would be close, but I'm like two pounds heavier so I might win on that one."

Funny stuff. But then things got real: Daniel, who has the stronger personality?

"If you ask us I think we would say that I'm probably more outspoken or like to talk, but if you ask our teammates I think they would say Henrik. He's had more of a leadership role throughout the years. He was the [alternate] captain, and I wasn't. Now he's the captain and I'm the [alternate]. He's always been one step higher."

Can you feel the rage boiling? He's always been one step higher, he said, before trailing off, his eyes wide with hateful intensity. He's always been one step higher, he said, the sound of his teeth gritting overwhelming the gentle gurgle of the water cooler. He's always been one step higher, he said, stifling an urge to kill.

There is now no doubt in my mind that this cat is out for blood. Tread lightly around Daniel Sedin. He'll gut you.


  1. What exactly is bloo? And, wow, I spend far too much time on your site!


  2. There is a D that tranform bloo to blood (in the title) ;o)
    Good article, thank you for the siblings rivalry!

  3. Bloo is the life force of peopl.

  4. "Bloo" being the colour of Henrik after the fight?

    "He would. He never gives up, and that's the thing. I could have him, almost choking him to death, but he would never give up." -Daniel on who would win

  5. Bloo is Harrison being a terrible proofreader. That's what I'm here for.

  6. I am actually almost crying from laughing so hard. I reread this twice now and it's terrific EACH time. This is rock solid proof in my mind, and nothing will convince me otherwise.

    The "choking him to death" quote from Daniel makes me certain he's imagined it, and he's imagined it often.

    Beautiful work.

  7. Friggin' computer.

    Bloo is a Swedish death metal band Daniel Sedin particularly likes.

  8. @4:40 Anonymous: oh yes, he's had beautiful dreams of strangling his brother with his bare hands.

  9. Well I just read the article and wow

    "He doesn't get rattled or stressed about anything. I want his composure."

    "He was the [alternate] captain, and I wasn't. Now he's the captain and I'm the [alternate]. He's always been one step higher."

    "He never gives up, and that's the thing. I could have him, almost choking him to death, but he would never give up."

    "Right now he could probably go to play wing, but I couldn't go to play center and be as good as he is."

    "I think defensively, offensively, he's doing it all while I'm just decent defensively."

    You can palpably FEEL the bitter resentment dripping from every syllable. I wonder when it began...perhaps when Henrik was selected as an All Star in 2008 when Daniel wasn't? Perhaps mom loves Henrik more? Or it began on a cold Christmas night in 1985 when Henrik got the present Daniel really wanted?

    These are the things keeping me up at night.

  10. Yep, I'm telling you, Daniel hates every fiber of Henrik's being.

  11. I saw an article somewhere where Daniel was asked who would win if he and Henrik got in a fight. Daniel responded "I would beat him up"

    Clearly PitB is right and Daniel is out for blood.

  12. By-Tor I saw that too...

    'Daniel, any chance of dropping the gloves with Henrik?
    “No, no. If it happens I’ll beat him up though. And he knows that too.”'

    From here:

    Do you guys think perhaps one day, in a fit of jealous seething rage, Daniel will kill Henrik and take his place, pretending to be him? No one will notice if "Daniel aka the other, lesser Sedin" disappears and this way he can finally get the recognition he so craves.

    /also projecting similar suppressed feelings of sibling inadequacy

  13. Bloo Bruthers!

    Meybe yous spelchick?


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