Saturday, January 15, 2011

Awesome Signage: Glass Fights Bears

Now seems like a good time to let everyone know that we love PITB-related signage here at Pass it to Bulis. Solemn vow: we will always feature it on this blog. This sign, prominently flaunted at Madison Square Garden on Thursday Night, is totally awesome. Additional points for getting the values correct on those Scrabble tiles. Poor Tanner Glass. Our favourite bear-fighting, Scrabble-playing mullet man is going to have one of the strangest reputations in the league when all is said and done.

And if that sign doesn't tickle your fancy, how about this sign?

This sign is really great for two reasons: 1) it's free advertising and 2) it is either the best inside joke ever or indicative of being completely out of touch with the Canucks' current roster. This is a good sign idea. More people should do this sign.

Both signs are awesome, and I can safely say that Steven and Shantini, the couple behind these signs, are equally awesome.


  1. This is AWESOME. I love how dedicated Bulies are.

    Did you guys see Ian Walker went on Urban Rush and gave you guys a shoutout with the Scrabble thing?

    at around 9:30-45

    So you've been on TV like a million times already!

  2. a sequel to m'lady's observation

    support like this
    is elephant piss:

    while forces divine
    turn grapes into wine
    ten-forty guys
    with cynical sighs
    unseeing eyes
    and paranoid fears
    like teiresian seers
    as though wise
    beyond years
    the certain decline
    and destined demise
    of their team
    and thine

    (though not mine
    sour as yogurt and sweet as ice cream)

    lest anyone deem
    there’s real hope in the dream
    the ‘nucks are as good as they seem

    (or as viewed from afar
    they’re as great as they are)

    with grit and with guile
    with elan and with style
    and an all-knowing smile
    the hawks gear up
    for their run to the cup

    from which they will sup
    immune to the cries
    of those who surprise
    with 1040 bile
    as pathetically vile
    as an illinois governor’s trial


  3. @Anonymous I did not see that! That'll go up on the main page later today for sure.

    @Chickenhawk Uh huh, thanks for that. That's heaps good.

  4. There once was a commenter named chickenhawk
    who's poetry stank worse than his socks
    no meter, no style
    his rhymes infantile
    I wish he would find his own blog.

  5. @Harrison Yeah it's pretty awesome that he cracks up when Ian says 'Pass It To Bulis'

    Will you be paying Steven and Shantini for their hard efforts in getting your name & inside jokes out there?

  6. @onymous +1
    @Harrison where is the IWTG for washington? like several of the recent canucks games, your IWTG post will likely be better (and more entertaining) than the game it is based on

  7. that is it! might have to make one when the Canucks are back in Edmonton in April

  8. Vancouver 4
    Washington 2

    Your capital win on Friday night
    Now has my Daddy real uptight!
    Although we beat the Avalanche
    It’s all not roses at the ranch.

    Despite two shutouts in a row
    He fears the thing he does not know:
    It’s could the Hawks win four of seven
    Against the ‘Nucks in hockey’s heaven?


  9. @swizzler The IWTG is on the way. Daniel's writing it as we speak. Normally we get it up as soon after the game as we can, but on the second night of a back-to-back at the end of a long work week, neither of us had the energy last night.

    I shudder to think how tired the Canucks must be if the bloggers that cover them are exhausted.

  10. You guys are big times now. Morning television? Solidly d-list! There's only three letters left to go.

    Sign-bearers, you are the agents on the ground. We must all praise you. I'd totes make a sign but I'm always suffering from altitude sickness up in the top row. :[ I could - bring signs to an untelevised BCHL games, how does that sound?

    @Chickenhawk - haters gon etc. we should go out. there is this kegger on tuesday ... ?

  11. On that Walker interview, my favorite part is around 8:00 when some guy walks up to the window and just stares at the back of Walker's head for a full 30 seconds.

  12. Shantini has a pretty awesome name, too.

    Like a mixed drink on a pirate ship.


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