Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Hits (From Behind)

Quick Hits (From Behind) is an irregular feature on Pass it To Bulis, wherein two hockey fans chip in their thoughts on current hockey news and get assessed a five-minute major and a game misconduct.

Perhaps you've noticed the influx of Canucks-related stories on It'd be hard not to, especially since the team has been featured in numerous stories. Why is this? Well, it might be because the Canucks are the best team in the NHL, and deserving of the coverage; or maybe because the Canucks recently had three players named to the All-Star game; or maybe it's because the NHL (and offices are in New York, and it's easier to cover a team when they come to you. Hint: it's the last one. If you're too busy to navigate, PITB's collected all the Canucks coverage for you right here:

Ryan Kesler is a sexy player these days. He's an All-star point-per-game center now, and contrasted with how unsexy the Sedins are, (and some sexy photographs) it makes sense that he'd get some attention. Here's Kesler, discussing why he's two goals away from his career-high at the midway point of the season:

"I'm getting a couple more greasy ones," Kesler said. "I'm shooting a lot more. I think that's the biggest thing. I'm going to those dirty areas to score and getting the greasy ones and getting some deflections and also using my shot.

We've already psychoanalyzed this one enough, but it's worth a second read-through because it's easy to find evidence Daniel Sedin has been plotting to kill his brother for years.

Seeing as the whole team is in town, the staff at have also reached out to the complementary guys, like Mason Raymond and Kevin Bieksa. In this article, Dan Rosen discusses the depth of the Canucks and their locker room chemistry. My favourite revelation? Kesler's a hip hop guy. No surprise there. Livonia's not too far from 8 Mile. Although it surprises me than Daniel Sedin doesn't like rap music. He seems so thuggin'.

When the Canucks win -- and that's often -- Daniel said Kesler and Luongo usually take turns as the dressing room D.J.

"It's usually pretty bad music," he said. "It's loud. It's rap, I would say. It's not for me."

Wherein Kevin Bieksa sits down and discusses his team's hardships, his personal hardships, and indicates that both are a thing of the past. I find it interesting that Bieksa's difficulties so mirror the team's. When he's playing well, we win. When he's not, we lose. Is it possible that the success of this season rides on Kevin Bieksa's shoulders? Perish the thought. Bieksa:

"Mentally, I've learned to deal with the injuries and the trade talk … that's been happening the last couple of years, but I've received good advice from some veteran guys about that type of thing," Bieksa said. "I thought this summer was a little bit easier to deal with. It's prioritizing now. I have two kids, so I'm busy in the summer. I don't have time to read or worry about that kind of stuff, so I took care of my own business in the summer and have fun doing it."

From the ridiculous files, Mason Raymond's spin move the other night was just dazzling enough to be the focal point of this story. I've already mentioned I think the spinorama hullaballoo is a bit overcelebrated. But whatever.

I find it a touch silly how pissy goaltenders get over this move. Recall Nikolai Khabibulin punching Ryan Shannon in the back of the head for it, Dan Ellis complaining because Omark spun at center ice, and even Kevin Poulin calling Raymond a showoff. Seriously? Are goaltenders aware that the shootout is a skills competition? Do they know they're allowed to show off too (Carey Price aside)? I guess goalies think it's cheap, like being Oddjob when playing Goldeneye on multiplayer mode. Still seems like a lot of fuss for what is not the cheekiest move in shootout history. According to Raymond, even Luongo hates it:

"I always joke with Louie (Roberto Luongo), he hates when I do it," said Raymond. "He always tries to give me a shot or something."

  • NHL Videocenter! There's also a ton of stuff at the NHL Videocenter, including the Sedin twins newlywed game, a second (!!!) interview with Mason Raymond about the spinorama, and some goofy roundtable stuff with other Canucks about roommates and whatnot. All worth watching.


  1. It was Nikolai Khabibulin who punched Shannon in the head.

  2. It was Khabbibulin who gave Shannon the shot after the spin-o-rama, not Turco.

  3. Thanks, Qris and Anonymous. That's what happens when I try to go from memory.

  4. P.S. @ Anonymous

    Beat you. Also, spelled Khabibulin right.

    Neener neener.

  5. Holy crap.

    Well, a few of those typos are the product of my glitchy computer. It didn't deal well with all the moving parts in this article.

    Anyway, I think they've all been fixed.

  6. I'm just posting this comment to note that makes seven comments about corrections. For the record, seven comments is what the blog about blogs got, which had direct quotes from Bob McKenzie in it.

    That made me sad.

  7. You should have put some typos in it.

    *Sigh* Turns out there were more minor mistakes. I need to stop writing at work--I wind up making so many mistakes.

  8. Honestly, the blogspot "preview" function sucks. It really really does. It's easier to just write the blog in a word document, then copy paste. I used to do that, but then I got addicted to having it save drafts. Still, for self-editing, blogspot is the pits.

  9. "When he's playing well, we win. We he's not, we lose. Is it possible that the success of this season rids on Kevin Bieksa's shoulders?"


  10. I sympathize a bit with Poulin on Raymond's goal, because I thought it really took the spins-are-an-allowed-exception-to-the-forward-momentum-rule to the extreme.

    Spinning into a shot is an understandable exception, because you're only moving backward as part of the shot, kind of like stickhandling technically takes the puck back and forth. But actually stopping, invading the goalie's crease, then stepping back and sliding the puck into the empty net... well, it seems unethical.

    In Omark's case, recall that his spin had nothing to do with the shot, he just did it as some sort of fazing technique on his way in.

  11. Atilla the Honey is on the horizon!
    C. Chick


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