Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, and Ryan Kesler at the Skills Competition

Courtesy of the invaluable and highly beloved CanucksHD, the dedicated Youtuber who is to blogging what the flux capacitor is to time travel, here are the Canucks-related highlights from the NHL Skills Competition. They reinforce three things we might have already known:

  1. Ryan Kesler's pretty fast. But you already knew that. He can make five million dollars and a baby in the same day.
  2. Daniel Sedin is mighty accurate. I know you knew that too, but did you know he was the most accurate guy in hockey? Eklund is, of course, a close second.
  3. Henrik Sedin enjoys all types of passing, but his first love is the saucer pass. We've long suspected it might be an addiction. Once, at thanksgiving dinner, Daniel asked him to pass the mashed potatoes and Henrik launched a spoonful over the gravy boat, right onto his plate.

Anyway. I like these guys, I think they're good, let's keep them.


  1. That video is awesome. I knew that Daniel was finished before Havlat had even hit a target, but looking at the side by side with Kane you can also see that Daniel finished his fourth target before Kane hit his second. Kane nails a third target after the whistle, probably in an effort to make it look closer than it was. Watching it the first time, I hadn't even noticed

  2. Yeah those guys are okay I guess...but did you notice the net corner targets in the accuracy competition? They hung the Wellwoods' Logo UPSIDE DOWN!!!

  3. What was the Canucks' intro song there? It sounds familiar, but I'm not quite sure.

    I really enjoyed the skills competition. Anyone else get the sense that Corey Perry may have played lacrosse?

  4. I love the "5M and a baby" line! Kes is a beast, but it's our beast!

  5. Do they have Thanksgiving in Sweden? Daniel asked him to pass the Janssons frestelse and Henrik launched a spoonful over the k├Âttbullar, right onto his lutfisk.
    Yeah, they're keepers, all of 'em.

  6. @Qris Johnson
    I heard they said that because he was playing a left winger for the game.

  7. @ Erik
    I believe it was Uprising by Muse.


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