Friday, January 07, 2011

Canucks 10K: Honouring the One-Goal Guys

Without Yannick Tremblay's one goal, the Canucks would still sit at 9999.

In case you missed it, Daniel Sedin's third period goal Wednesday against the Calgary Flames was the 10,000th regular-season goal in Canucks' history. These 10,000 goals were scored by 354 different players over the Canucks' forty-year history, and I'm sure we can name more than a few of the guys. Markus Naslund. Trevor Linden. Stan Smyl. Thomas Gradin. You know, the stars.

But any stat sheet, let alone a list of goalscorers, is incomplete without a perusal of the cellar-dwellers. In this case, the one-goal guys. Some might say they're not important, but that's crazy talk. Without the one-goal guys, the Canucks would be sitting at 9,957.

That's right. Of the 10,000 goals, 43 have been scored by guys who only got one. Today we honour them. It's not exactly a who's who (more of a "who?"), but there are some interesting names on this list. Some remain active NHLers. Some are memorable. Some are long forgotten. Some will surprise you. Here they are, the one-goal guys, in alphabetical order:

  1. Shawn Antoski
  2. Kris Beech
  3. Alexandre Bolduc
  4. Mario Bliznak
  5. Mike Brown
  6. Colin Campbell
  7. Michael Christie
  8. Larry Courville
  9. Troy Crowder
  10. Jim Dowd
  11. Neil Eisenhut
  12. Rory Fitzpatrick
  13. Robert Flockhart
  14. David Fortier
  15. Lee Goren
  16. Randall Gregg
  17. Martin Grenier
  18. Jim Hargreaves
  19. Ed Hatoum
  20. Stewart Holt
  21. Sheldon Kannegiesser
  22. Zenith Komarniski
  23. Jason Krog
  24. Frantisek Kucera
  25. Mike Lampman
  26. Tim Lenardon
  27. David Logan
  28. Brad Lukowich
  29. Len Lunde
  30. Brad Maxwell
  31. Aaron Miller
  32. Stephane Morin
  33. Martin Rucinsky
  34. Tommi Santala
  35. Dan Seguin
  36. Brad Smith
  37. Fred Speck
  38. Mike Stapleton
  39. Yannick Tremblay
  40. Lubomir Vaic
  41. Claude Vilgrain
  42. Aaron Volpatti
  43. Jim Wiste

Do any of the names on this list surprise you? I'm a bit taken aback to see Colin Campbell's name on there. Sometimes I forget he was a Vancouver Canuck. That said, Campbell did score two very valuable playoff goals for the Canucks during their 1982 Stanley Cup Finals run.

It's interesting to note that the players from the Gillis era are guys that will likely get another before things are all said and done. Some of the names from the Nonis era make me sad. Kris Beech. Yannik Tremblay. Aaron Miller. Martin Rucinsky. Tommi Santala. I guess I shouldn't be surprise Lee "No-Scorin" Goren made the list. His inclusion here is explained by his nickname. Rory Fitzpatrick gets a pass because he was an All-Star defenseman.

I remember Shawn Antoski well. The Canucks drafted him 18th overall in 1990, just ahead of Keith Tkachuk and Martin Brodeur. And this is where he ended up. And you wonder why Canuck fans can be pessimistic.

What do you have to say for yourselves, Canuck fans?


  1. in defense of Brad Lukowich (get it? he's a dman) his loan goal was pretty fantastic and it was the game winner against the hottest goal tender in the league at the time.

  2. Oh yeah, some of these one-goal guys scored pretty ones, but the emphasis is "one".

  3. Personally, I can't believe that Rucinksy only scored one goal for the Canucks. I remember that goal, and he had a pair of legs on him. Just goes to show you that not even some of the bigger names are successful everywhere.

  4. We traded RJ Umberger for Martin Rucinsky, too. Bleh.

  5. Ya but Umberger thought he was as good, if not better than, Kesler.

    They both hated each other and wouldn't have played on the same team very long. One had to go.

  6. I've heard this before and I'm not buying it. They may not have liked each other at the fine, but given a little bit, they would have gotten along just fine. Ever disagreed with somebody, then worked it out? Now imagine how much faster that would have happened if you worked, traveled and basically lived together.

  7. I assume the Mike Brown on the list is the one we had recently and traded to Anaheim rather than the one we got in the Bure trade

  8. Jason Krog... so much better than Burrows!


    (I'm a closet CDCer.)

  9. New contest idea: acquire all 43 hockey cards for these players. Tiebreaker: most players in canucks jerseys.
    Not sure what a prize should be for this. A autographed photo from Mike Penny?

  10. on your list of stars I can't believe you left Bure out.

  11. Valeri? He never played for the Canucks. Not sure what your point is.


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