Monday, January 17, 2011

Recalling Sergei Shirokov

Does everyone remember Sergei Shirokov? Last season's pre-season wunderkind who then stumbled to no points and a -4 in 6 games to start the year? The guy who was being compared to Pavel Bure despite having only his nationality in common with the Russian Rocket? Well, he's back. The man with the imaginative nickname of "Shirok," which apparently translates as "Wide" in Russian, has been recalled in the wake of the Alexandre Bolduc injury. It's a well-deserved reward for leading the Moose in points and breaking a club-record for consecutive games with a point. He was also the only Moose player named to the AHL All-Star Game and has been solid for the Moose in the absence of Cody Hodgson and Jordan Schroeder.

All I ask is that we temper our expectations. While I hope this isn't the case, Shirokov may end up just sitting in the press box as the extra forward. Even if he does slot into the lineup, it might only be on the fourth line. That said, Jeff Tambellini has gone 10 games without a point and it might be time for a wakeup call. It's possible that Shirokov could fit on a second line with Raymond and Kesler, though he'll be hard-pressed to match their speed. Alternatively, he could line-up with Torres and Malhotra, reuniting Samuelsson with Raymond and Kesler. Shirokov has been praised recently for his improved defensive play and is a +10 on the season, meaning he might not be out of place on the third line.

In any case, Shirokov has earned this chance to prove he belongs in the NHL. Here's hoping he makes the most of it.


  1. You are very generous in your comments. This says much about the positive nature of your personality. "Here's hoping (you) make the most of it."

    I'm most pleased you found my note to Mr. Mooney comical and that you did not find any egregious or even minor error in my analysis!


  2. Finally, with a Russian on the team, we have the perfect international hockey rainbow.

    Try stoppping us now!


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