Monday, January 24, 2011

20 More Things Overheard at the NHL War Room

I know, I know. I did this joke yesterday. Cut me some slack. I can't even fully explain how much fun these are to come up with. You should try it. Tweet us @passittobulis, with the hashtag #NHLWarRoomQuotes. Here are twenty more things overheard at the NHL War Room:

  1. "Okay, Mr. VanMassenhoven. Pick a number, then a colour, then a number."
  2. "A lot of people said I was crazy to hire an all-blind team, but look at us now. Oh right, you can't."
  3. "It's hard to make out... can we zoom in? Why did we pick such a dirty coin? I can't read heads or tails. Inconclusive."
  4. "I'm torn. Both teams are from Canada, but we have to rule in favour of one of them."
  5. "Wait, zoom in. Is that a tattoo?"
  6. "I can't see it on camera, but I was just reading about object permanence. Did you know it has to be somewhere?"
  7. "If you listen closely, you can hear him thinking about blowing the whistle just before the puck goes in."
  8. "Hey, this is alfredo sauce! I said pomodoro sauce! This is the last time we order Italian. Rule against Luongo."
  9. "Bad news, guys. We've all gotta stay late--I just found out the Canucks play tonight. Hey! Relax. Your beef is with Vancouver, not me."
  10. "I don't think that should count. The goalie couldn't see it."
  11. "Good news, guys! The NHL has asked us to pick the musical act for the All-Star Game. Let's put our heads together and see if we can't come up with something everyone will like."
  12. "Okay, I was just looking through yesterday's logs, and it says here that someone ruled in favour of Buffalo. What the Hell! We've talked about this!"
  13. "This clip is boring. Change it to Two and a Half Men."
  14. "Did anyone else see Double Moustache Man?"
  15. "That's a clean hit. The head is part of the shoulder, right?"
  16. "I'm so sick of the officials calling us. Do we have to hold their hand through everything?"
  17. "Hey, switch to the net cam. Ha ha, look how big his ass looks."
  18. "The puck is black, right?"
  19. "Tell them we couldn't see the puck so the call on the ice stands. Gosh, this will be a lot easier when the power comes back on."
  20. "Get the Braille rule book."


  1. i think you may have shot your wad on the first post

  2. hehehe, i think you can do at least 20 more...

  3. @Anonymous: Ignored!

    @gog: I think so too!

  4. @Anonymous: You do mean that figuratively, right?

  5. @B.O'B: I'd hope so. Nobody's supposed to know why I'm banned from all the local hockey rinks.

  6. reason 41:

  7. In future, remember to start the viral hashtag, THEN write the blog.


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