Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mikhail Grabovski's Spinorama is My Favourite Spinorama

Spinning shootout goals have become incredibly overrated. They're no longer uncommon, but each time a player pulls one off, jaws across the country drop. It's nearing cliche territory, as spinning in the shootout seems like a surefire way to make someone gush, even if it has nothing to do with your eventual shot. Suffice it to say, spinning alone no longer impresses me.

But this spinorama does, and what makes it so awesome is that Mikhail Grabovski pulls the puck back to the forehand. It freezes Conklin, who must have seen all the same Youtube clips I have, because he clearly expects Grabs to release on the backhand.

Expect to see this move a few more times, as it seems the natural evolution of a shootout move that is beginning to lose its wow factor. And until this one becomes as common as that one, I'm willing to drop my jaw for it.


  1. I should say, Henrik Sedin does crap like this at full-speed in-game and doesn't get nearly the play these skills competition highlights do. Lame.

  2. Yeah the Spin move has become really played out, That's bound to happen because there is obviously a ton of talent in the NHL and guys are dying to be noticed for their talents.
    The thing I really liked about this spin'o'rama move was that he didn't seem to just spin to pull the goalie out of position but it seemed like he spun to take away the goalies chance to poke check

  3. Thank you for calling out Linus Omarks crap-o-rama for what it was. Pointless and if Ellis (or was it Smith) had stopped it everyone would be mocking him instead of praising him for his "creativity". I wish he would try that in a real game cuz he would be laid out. As Harrison Mooney pointed out only Hank can get away with that stuff.

  4. Big hockey pet peeve -- calling a spin a "spin-o-rama." When you hear "o-rama" it calls to mind the idea of lots of something. A single spin is just a spin.

    Worst is when a Canuck player turns around to protect the puck before pressing forward again, and (usually non-Canuck) announcers call it a spin-o-rama and act all excited. It makes it sound like the player was trying to be overly fancy.

    Still, I hate hearing it pretty much every time I do, no matter who's saying it and who's playing.

  5. Actually, I've never quite liked the term either, but it is sort of what they call it now. But you're right. I hereby declare a ban on the term spinorama unless there are ample spins to give it the "orama" suffix.

  6. You can't Ban-o-rama spin-o-rama!

  7. I believe there is only one casino at Ontario's Casinorama. Just saying.

    Other oft-misused hockey terms:

    1. "Hometown discount" when the player does not come from the city in question. No, that's just a discount.

    2. "Took away the red line". Really? I still see it there. And it still seems to have plenty of function too.

    3. "That team should be contracted." The league gets contracted. The team gets disbanded.

  8. I remember with NHL 96 for Genesis, if you tapped start while holding the d-pad in any direction, you performed a spin move. I would spin all the way up ice, as it was very difficult to be hit while doing this.

    I would qualify this as a "spin-o-rama".

  9. Yes, Generic Blogger, I agree.

    Here's my definition: If in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, it's a 540, 720 or beyond, then in ice hockey, it's a spin-o-rama.

    I'm okay calling a 360 a spin, a spin move, or (if Sean Avery does it) a twirl.


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