Friday, November 12, 2010

Canucks Participating in Movember

We are now over a week into Movember, and my moustache is looking incredibly sad. Harrison and I are both participating in Movember, the annual event wherein men attempt to grow moustaches to bring attention to prostate cancer and raise money for cancer research. It's a fantastic cause and we encourage you to donate on the Movember website or, if you want to contribute to one of the many teams raising money for Movember, I recommend Houses of the Hockey. Harrison and I have been reluctant to post pictures of our own moustaches as they are less than impressive. I'm working with a less-greasy Dan Carcillo while Harrison has a bit of a black Sidney Crosby.

The NHL has a long history of great moustaches and some of the all-time greats are catalogued in Houses of the Hockey's three-part series. Lanny McDonald's fiery-red moustache is, of course, legendary and synonymous with the player, as is George Parros's Princeton-educated soup-strainer, which he shaved off at the beginning of the month to help promote Movember. Classic Canucks moustaches include Dave Babych, seen above, and Harold Snepsts.

A few more Canucks are looking to join the ranks of those great moustaches this Movember. I tracked down some photos, mainly through the amazing photos Jeff Vinnick has taken on the Canucks roadtrip.

Dan "Hammy" Hamhuis is rocking a particularly excellent handlebar moustache. Actually, when I had a handlebar moustache last month (shaved off in anticipation of Movember), I was informed that the correct terminology for this particular moustache was a horseshoe moustache and that a handlebar moustache required "graspable extremities" as Wikipedia puts it. Meh. I'll keep calling it a handlebar moustache as it resembles the handlebars on a banana seat bicycle.

Andrew Alberts has your basic moustache in this shot. Nothing wrong with the basic 'stache.

Manny "Alternate Captain Mal" Malhotra joins Hammy with an excellent handlebar moustache. He's also looking quite sharp in his black toque/scarf combo.

Wait, Kesler is that a moustache? It's kinda hard to tell...

Yes, it looks like he might have a moustache...maybe...

Ah, there it is. That is beautiful. Absolutely fantastic. Let's get a close-up on that.



  1. rumor has it keith ballard is out of the line up because he can't grow a stash.

    details at 11

  2. Makes sense. That's why I got kicked out of the acapella Village People tribute band.

  3. Isn't Schneider taking part too? I could have sworn I saw something about it on the Behind the Lens thing.

  4. I thought he was too, but I couldn't find a single picture of him with a 'stache.

  5. For the record: I may look like black Sidney Crosby, but you look like white Theo Peckham. Take that.

  6. Kesler looks like a young John Waters. With some trimmage he could be rocking the Mr. Drysdale.

    Little known fact: "Snepsts" is also the sound produced when removing beer foam from a 'stache of that um, magnitude.


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