Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quarter Poll: Which is the Best Hit by a Canuck This Season?

After Dan Hamhuis obliterated Douglas Murray last night with a crazy hipcheck, I got to thinking about the Canucks overall hittiness and the number of big checks we've already seen this season. I asked, in this post, if that was the best one? Some of you answered in the comments, reminded me of a few I'd forgotten about, and led me to this post.

We have seen six pretty excellent hits seen from the Canucks this season: Raffi Torres on Tyler Myers, Raffi Torres on Andrew Cogliano, Alex Edler on Matt Duchene, Andrew Alberts on Pavel Datsyuk, Keith Ballard on Evgeni Malkin, and Dan Hamhuis on Douglas Murray. It's a quarter of the way through the season and it's a good time for a poll. You'll find that poll to the right of this post in the sidebar. Which hit was the best one?

All six bone-rattling candidates after the jump.

Raffi Torres juggles Tyler Myers' organs

Alex Edler gives Matt Duchene the roughness

Dan Hamhuis makes Murray do sweet flipz

Keith Ballard shows Evgeni Malkin what's hip

Raffi Torres sings Andrew Cogliano a song

Andrew Alberts gets thwacky on Pavel Datstyuk


  1. I remember a few Manny Malhotra hits that were amazing!

  2. i'm gonna go with the hamhuis hit on murray.

    somewhere in minnesota pierre-marc bouchard is in front of his hamhuis-shrine, praying for him to make the bad man to go away

  3. Visuals on hammy's hit were fantastic!

    But from a pure bone-crushing standpoint I go with "Raffi Torres juggles Tyler Myers' organs"

    It just doesn't get much better.

  4. I'm going with Alberts on Datsyuk for two reasons: not only was the hit felt by everyone in the arena, but Datsyuk is a smart hockey player and is notoriously hard to hit

  5. Raffi Torres' blast on Myers for sure

  6. I have to go with Alberts on Datsyuk. Like Gord said above, he is notoriously difficult to hit and Alberts just outright destroyed him. Hamhuis on Murray was certainly pretty, but Alberts on Datsyuk was beautiful.

  7. I can't possibly choose...each is lovelier than the last. All I know is watching these made me glow with happiness, a special angry kind of happiness. Sigh...ARRGH!

  8. Ballard on Malkin was probably the worst one. Entertaining to watch, but Ballard took himself out of the play too, and he was still sitting on the ice while Malkin was back on his feet and after the puck.

    Torres on Myers is the best by a mile.

  9. I replayed Torres' Newton's Cradle hit on Myers the most so it's my pick :)


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