Sunday, November 14, 2010

Missing a Wide-Open Net

The above image is from one of the many 40th anniversary backgrounds the Canucks website is currently using. All I have to say is that with the coming of Movember and Kesler's beautiful moustache, they are missing a golden opportunity. They need to get the Kes-stache in there right away!


  1. 3:09 am? seriously? this is what you were doing at 3:09am?

  2. Skeeter's got issues. Also, I heard his name isn't even Skeeter.

    But he takes moustaches very seriously.

  3. what?! it's not? i feel so used...

  4. I prefer the term Ryan Stache-ler to Kes-stache

  5. Considering the month he's having he may not wish to part with the "Drysdale" (yes that IS what I'M calling it) anytime soon. I'm sure his wife'll be thrilled.

    P.S. At 3:09 this morning I was trying to get my 19 month-old back in her crib: the the only judgement I have for Skeeter is envy.


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