Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Moment of Pure Bulis

It's a stressful time right now. When the Canucks play a team as crummy as the Maple Leafs, there's always a concern they'll lose and the mockery will flow. We sense a lot of pregame hand-wringing.

My boss is from Toronto. How can I face him if his crappy team beats my supposedly good team? It will poison my work environment. If the Canucks lose tonight, I'll have to quit my job.

Is this you? Relax.

Sometimes the fever pitch reaches a critical point. When that happens, we at PITB recommend that you take a step back, focus on your breathing, and enjoy a much-needed Moment of Pure Bulis.

Did you know? Jannik Hansen thinks Christmas is nice.


  1. haha Hansen wants to meet Tiger for golf tips. I bet he can teach him how to "finish" "scoring opportunities" as well.

  2. It's an old interview, anonymous. Back then, nobody knew how often Tiger had extramarital sex.

    I was going to go for a golf metaphor, but they've all been done. Plainly stating the facts is the new black.


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