Friday, November 26, 2010

Dan Hamhuis Brings the Zowie, Douglas Murray Brings the Zoinks

Apparently unaware that Keith "Hips" Ballard is the guy who hipchecks, Dan Hamhuis gets hip on Douglas Murray. There's little to say to this but, uh, that's pretty neat. I love a good hipcheck. How can you not love it? I think it's safe to say the only guy who didn't enjoy this hit was this guy.

You thought I meant Douglas Murray, right? Wrong. Murray probably totally enjoyed that. People love flying through the air, hence the invention of the airplane.

Question for the Bulies: we've seen Andrew Alberts level Pavel Datsyuk and Keith Ballard lay a pretty nice hipcheck on Evgeni Malkin, but is this the best hit by a Canuck this season?


  1. I don't know if it's the best hit, but I think it probably hurt the most, nothing like flipping a 240+ pound man head over heels.

  2. if i were murray i would be a little upset at the refs for missing that blatant offsides, if they had called it maybe he wouldnt have wound getting to first base with the ice.

  3. Love the hipcheck, makes me think of Hilliard Graves!

  4. Hamhuis / Murray might have been the most spectacular hit of the season, but Alberts / Datsyuk and Edler / Duchene were harder hits, and Torres / Myers was more impressive.

  5. Oh, and Torres / Cogliano was also harder, and maybe even the most impressive of them all, what with Torres taking only a few strides into it, and what with it coming on the heels of a hat trick.


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