Monday, November 08, 2010

Pratt's Day Off & PITB's Brief Team 1040 Mention

So in case you missed all the fun this afternoon (and I suspect you did, as I was alone for most of the day), here's what happened:

I was listening to the Team 1040 (which I often do) while doing some laundry. After discovering one minute after 2pm that I wouldn't have the pleasure of the incorrigibly fractious Pratt-half of the Pratt & Taylor odd couple, and would instead be listening to Jeff Paterson and Don Taylor be agreeable for the next four hours, I tried to start a new Twitter meme: #PrattsDayOff. I tweeted The Team 1040 and worked my tail off for the next little while trying to get the hashtag rolling.

It started promisingly. My first tweet was read on-air. (just after the 6:00 mark), as the featured tweet of the Poison Mailbag:

@ Vancouver's favourite blustery, cyclist-hating jingoist is off today? Why? Pratt helps me feel.

Unfortunately, the meme jumped the shark right away. We had a few amusing contributions (click the hashtag and have a gander), but the Team 1040 mention was the pinnacle of Pratt's Day Off.

It would have been nice to see more people taking cheap shots at Dave Pratt. I actually really like and respect him, but ripping him is fun and super easy to do because he's such a cartoon character at times.

In fact, it's not too late. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears: Don't let #PrattsDayOff die. Don't let this great day be in vain.

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