Saturday, November 27, 2010

PITB Continues to be Almost Famous

Solid video from The Score exploring the Blogger vs. Mainstream Media Battle Royale that Pass it to Bulis was briefly embroiled in for approximately 3 days earlier this month. Damien Cox is featured as the spokesman for the mainstream media, which is a shame, as he spews his usual rhetoric regarding how bloggers can't be held accountable because they don't use their real names, yada yada yada. He does more damage for his own position in the interview than I could ever do taking him to task on our piddly little blog.

But are we so piddly? What is that I see at 2:01 in the above video? I do believe that's a certain article written by our own real-named Harrison Mooney. Sure, they blur out our name so we can't benefit from being featured on The Score, but we still can pat each other's backs and feel good about ourselves.

Seriously guys, this is big. This is being featured in your local newspaper as the "Smile of the Day" big. This is getting re-tweeted by Iain MacIntyre big. This is World's Largest Maple Leaf big. Okay, maybe not that big, but it's still big.


  1. The best part is that it's a recent screenshot, so you can see Bulis's festive Santa hat in the corner of the shot.

  2. When I saw the video I was pretty upset actually. Cox acts like the reason bloggers don't call Colin Campbell for comment is because they'd prefer not to. What utter poppycock. Tosh. Other British words for nonsense.

    We don't pursue comments because we don't get them. It's funny to imagine that I could call Colin Campbell for a comment on the blog I'm about to write. Cox talks like bloggers have a disdain for real journalistic practice. We don't.

    Still, you know what? Lesson learned.

  3. steve mcallister is a pretty smart guy eh? he actually has something to say on the matter where as Cox is just a pompous douche.

    i for one like reading a blog from a fan's POV.IWTG is a great feature for the fact that if i miss a game, then at least i can check out what happened, who played good/bad, good highlights or hits. As a canucks fan i see the NHL thru a canucks lens and its nice to have a site i can visit that is too (without too much bias)

    just wanna say that i dont like nor look forward to anything that comes out of Cox's mouth(sounds dirty) but i sure as hell love checking PITB everyday

  4. Jake, we totally appreciate that.

    Since you say good things about us, we invite you to comment more often.

  5. you guys are now the official blog for b-roll footage!


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