Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Alex Burrows is Awesome; Plus, Five Great Burrows Moments

Bulies (that's what I'm calling our readers starting right now) might already know that Burrows is also my favourite player, so it goes without saying I am stoked for his return to the lineup tonight. This article is nothing but blind praise for a hockey player I adore.

I think sometimes people forget how valuable Alex Burrows is to this team. I think he's invaluable. It's strange to say for a guy that was on the bubble to make the team only three short years ago, but the return of Alex Burrows tonight is not unlike getting a superstar forward in a trade. His impact is that high. It's not even that he's become our top-line left-winger, or that he led the team in goal scoring last season. It's that Burrows' very presence in the lineup is a major motivational element.

His ECHL story is by now an old tale, but it's the exact sort of reminder that a team of millionaire athletes needs: Alex Burrows worked his ass off to get here, and he continues to work his ass off to stay. Burrows is a major star on this team, and he's only a major star because night-in, night-out, his work ethic is second to nobody. How do you ignore that? How do you forget to give all possible effort when your leading goalscorer is one of the great NHL success stories, solely because of he never skimps on effort? You can't. A team with Alex Burrows is a team with a higher compete level.

A team with Alex Burrows is also a Hell of a lot of fun. Despised league-wide, he is beloved in the dressing room, and it's easy to see why. He seems to get along with everyone, he's all smiles, he has a ridiculous accent, and he stands at the end of the tunnel and high fives every player after a win. Guys like this--glue guys--are vital to the success of an NHL franchise.

Here are my five favourite Burrows moments:

Burrows Breaks the Slump
A classic Burrows moment. The Canucks had gone winless in ten games, and it looked like they were headed for overtime in their eleventh. However, with a minute to go, Burr got in shorthanded and put the Canucks ahead. His goal celebration, where he either tried to break his stick and failed or was symbolizing the breaking of the slump (depends on who you talk to) is a classic.

Burrows Scores the Series-Winning Goal; Canucks Sweep the Blues
Another big goal from Burrows. His overtime winner here completed the first playoff sweep in Canucks' franchise history. His goal celebration is a tribute to the late Luc Bourdon.

Burrows Gets His Second Hat Trick in as Many Games
During his wicked streak last January, Burrows scored an insane amount of goals in an insanely short period of time. Check them all out here, or just watch this one, his sixth in two games.

Burrows Makes Fun of Marc Crawford's Squeaky Voice
In a classic case of the pot saying the kettle talks funny, Burrows makes fun of Marc "Only Dogs Can Hear Him" Crawford and his classic croak. He might have gone a little high, but exaggeration is the stuff of good comedy.

Burrows Mic'd Up, Sounds Stupid Saying "Sleeeeeewfooooot"
Speaking of sounding ridiculous, here is a classic Youtube clip that highlights how ridiculous Burrows sounds saying the word "slewfoot." How do you take him seriously as a ref? Ask Stephane Auger, I guess.

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  1. If I only had a dollar for every time I've heard the phrase "White Knight" used to describe Alex Burrows...


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