Friday, February 25, 2011

Canucks TV: Canucks Scrabble Battle


  1. Congratulations guys. This just makes me so stoked. :D Ideas are powerful and potent and simple things can create ripples that echo forever.

    Well done lads. Well done.

  2. So amazing. Congrats. What a great thing for everyone involved. (And I see the 'like' number just keeps on rising. So it should; y'all are awesome.)

  3. Wow, great job Harrison. I must say that this video made the mood seem far more intense than what I was feeling out through twitter and the live blog. Maybe while you guys are throwing together your video, add some fun music or something. I'm not suggesting you add yakety sax while editing it to make it seem like a blowout, but something lighter might be good.
    Anyways, Great Success! Maybe this is the first annual scrabble battle?

  4. Great work what an astonishing amount of money you helped raise!


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