Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ryan Kesler on After Hours, Scott Oake Loves PITB

Here's Ryan "Astro Boy" Kesler on After Hours. As usual, the segment's a must-watch, and you have to admire Scott Oake's skill as an interviewer to make it so. Kesler's not an easy interview. He's a surly guy that punches questions, and ends sentences abruptly. There's simply no avoiding dead air when he's the guest.

This one also features the best PITB mention yet (and the second time on the evening someone on the HNIC crew said my name; it was Harrison Night in Canada). At 17:55, Oake asks Kesler another @passittobulis question, marking the third time we've gotten a tweet on the show (first, second). The question in question? Ask Kesler if it's just a coincidence that his son was born exactly 9 months (to the day) after he signed his big contract extension. Regular Bulies might know that we stumbled across this suspicious synchronization of dates while putting together the 2010 in review year-end retrospective.

Kesler is so caught off guard by this question that he a) cracks a disbelieving smile, then b) is briefly rendered speechless, then c) proceeds drop a swearbomb live on the air. He explains how it was during the postseason and he caught crap from AV about sex in the playoffs. Except he doesn't say crap, no sir, he certainly does not. Move over, George Stromboulopoulos, Ryan Kesler's the new badass in town.

This video is also worth watching for Kevin Weekes' blue velvet blazer. Do you like blue velvet? Well, tough, because Kevin Weekes does. And so does David Lynch.


  1. That was a *really* cheeky question. I'm surprised they read it.

    Kesler's reaction was priceless, though.

  2. Agreed, Dave. I was hoping they would, but I would have completely understood a conscious decision not to. Especially with Kesler, who seems a likely candidate to be the first Canuck to go Chris Everett on an interviewer.

  3. its velvet, not suede ;)

    It's so hideous I want to make a rug out of it.

  4. Fixed, Ofelia. I don't know my fabrics that well, so I guessed. But it's way better that it's Blue Velvet, because it gives me an opportunity to make a David Lynch reference. There's a hockey blog first.

  5. "he caught crap from AV about sex in the playoffs"

    This confused me, because last year Vigneault said in a press conference, “As far as the sex goes, it's none of my business. They can do whatever they want.”

  6. Irene, good catch, I remember that. The datestamp on that article (April 14, about a month after conception) tells me Vigneault could have said that AFTER the Keslers found out they were pregnant. Consider the following timeline:

    1. AV says no sex.
    2. Keslers get pregnant.
    3. AV finds out.
    4. AV gives Kesler crap, then throws his hands up and makes a sarcastic comment to the media that is really a jestful shot at Kesler.
    5. Just now, we realize it.

    The thread continues to unravel...

  7. Haha or Vigneault showed great foresight in realizing that if he told the media about the 'no sex' rule, and then a Kesler was born nine months later, the crazies might start criticizing Kesler for not showing enough dedication in the playoffs.
    OR everyone is allowed to do what they want except Kesler: "We want you to stop getting involved between the whistles. If you break your stick again you're not playing the next game. Burrows, you can do whatever you want."

  8. You guys are the best. That is all.
    Oh and also, I'm really happy that I finally know what Harrison looks like. Woop woop.

  9. I really love Ryan Kesler, but PITB is moving closer... Keep up the great work!

  10. Awesome David Lynch reference!

  11. Kes AND PitB on After Hours? Best cocktail of hockey! That was just cheeky and sexy! Thank you again!

  12. I'm confused by the statement of "no sex in the playoffs", as March 19th was still the regular season. Infact, the Canucks were a day removed from beating the Sharks 3-2, where let it be known that Kesler scored that night. Earlier that evening, he got a powerplay goal, too. Badumpcha.


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